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Does suicidal thoughts from Sertraline go away?

Ok so recently found out I had an anxiety problem started seeing a psychiatrist and doc put me on Sertraline. Before all this anxiety I have never thought about suicide. When I found out I had anxiety I had a week of obsessive thoughts about suicide. The thing is is I don’t want to kill myself infact that’s what scares me and makes me have panic attacks because I’m scared a switch will flip in my head and I will have no control. I feel like it’s the Sertraline but I don’t know because before I started it I had the week of thoughts but than they left but now 2 weeks in to meds there back. I feel it helped the anxiety but maybe caused some sort of weird depression and it’s making me constantly scared I’m gonna harm myself? I really don’t want to and argue with the thoughts every time I get them but they always come back and I don’t understand and I’m scared of them... any advice?
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You said you had a therapist appointment last Thursday. Did you discuss with him? This is not something you want to have go on, so you need to talk to a professional asap so they can make a decision whether or not you should switch meds.
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Suicidal ideation can be a side effect as you know and it is dangerous. I'm glad to hear you do not want or plan to act on it but you need to call your doctor today/tomorrow and tell him about the thoughts.  They will guide you best and it's important that you do this!  Let us know how you are doing!
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Can you explain for us so we can better help what you mean, you just found out you have anxiety?  Also, how old are you, how bad is your life affected so far, are you seeing a psychiatrist or a regular doc, and did anyone recommend you try therapy with a psychologist before you went on medication?  As mentioned above, this is a common side effect of taking brains that affect brain neurotransmitters -- even with drugs that, say, help people stop smoking.  It's more common with young people than older people, though it can happen with adults as well.  This is one reason why with younger people medication is usually used only if therapy doesn't work and life is severely affected.  So again, how old are you and what else did you try before turning to meds?
Oops, that's a good one -- said taking brains instead of taking medications -- maybe I've discovered a new treatment!
I am 22 year old male. I didn’t try therapy before meds I went to pcp and told him what was going on with my symptoms. Which include panic constant worry and mainly just not feeling myself. So of course he threw the medication at me. I am also seeing psychiatrist once a week but only have seen him twice and so far he’s just getting to know me I guess so hopefully next app will help more.
But I did try for about a week to get over the anxiety and panic first by myself and it just got scary because everything changed so quickly it was starting to take over my life so that’s when I started with a doc
Remember, everything is going to take longer than a week or so.  :>)  But once you've had suicidal thoughts, it is of utmost importance to check in with your doctor/therapist.  The psychiatrist you are seeing will likely get you in really quickly to talk to you about this, judge the situation and make a med alteration if necessary.  Therapy is really important to do along WITH the meds in my opinion.  So, get back into it if you were taking a break.  good luck and take care of yourself
Speaking from experience, always research the meds before taking them. Sometimes the natural medicine way is safer. CBD oil has been known to work wonders be sure to talk to you doctor or go to the hospital if needed. Don’t chance it.
Again, my usual caveat about CBD oil.  Marijuana is illegal at the federal level, meaning studies aren't very well done because with it being illegal at the federal level getting funding for research is difficult.  Also, CBD oil is a drug, not a natural product -- pot isn't like this in nature.  It does show a lot of promise, but I'd look at more like we look at other synthetic medication -- only do it if everything else failed.  Also, if you're going to get therapy, it's a lot cheaper with a psychologist than with a psychiatrist assuming you can still find one of the latter who still does therapy these days.  The psychologist is also better trained in psychology than any other professional, as their training takes years to get their degree to practice while a psychiatrist just takes a few months of it -- and it's usually taught by a psychologist at the medical school.  But if you are going to take medication and that's necessary to do, that's where psychiatrists have the most experience of using them.  If I were you, given that this is a new problem and you're still functioning in the world, I'd try to see if you can figure this out in therapy before doing invasive things like drugs.  But that's up to you, not me, and I'm not there to see what's going on.  Make your best decision, but the above advice to do your homework on medication is a good one -- some are easier for most people than others are and they're the best ones to start off with.  Best of luck.
And let me add, having been on this site for a long time, this isn't scientific but it seems the drug you're taking might not be the one to start off with, but it does seem to be the one the most people have success with in treating anxiety.  Doesn't mean you will, but sometimes side effects go away.  Sometimes they don't.  The ones you're getting, though, really do need to be discussed ASAP with your psychiatrist.
Thank you all I have an app tomorrow and I will let them know everything... I appreciate all the knowledge you guys share on hear.. really helps someone see a light at the end of the tunnel... people like us should be more certified to help others than the people I have delt with. I mean one appointment with my doc and he puts me on meds that just doesn’t feel right .. but again thank you all
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