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Effexor XR vs. Zoloft

I've been on Effexor XR for many years and have had great success, but I was concerned because I would like to start having a family.  Recently my doctor recommended that I switch to Zoloft because it would be safer during pregancy.  I'm really hesitant to switch, especially that whole transitional part between going off the Effexor and going on Zoloft.  I also feel that both drugs are category "C" drugs meaning their neither good nor bad for the fetus, so really, is there an advantage to Zoloft?  Any thoughts?  Thanks!
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I have taken both Zoloft and Effexor for long periods (not any longer because I am on differnt AD's now) What I can tell you is that (at least in my case) I found Zoloft to be far LESS effective than Effexor.

Zoloft is a one trick poney and effects only Serotonin. Effexor effects both Serotonin and Norephinepherine. Big difference in the two drugs. I am pretty sure you will find Zoloft much less effective, as most people do.
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Not true that people find Effexor more effective.  They all affect each individual differently.  Effexor tends to have far more side effects than Zoloft, and is known to be much more difficult to quit.  On the other hand, are you sure Zoloft is any safer during pregnancy?  Whatever the case, you'll have to taper very carefully off Effexor before you start Zoloft so you can tell which is a side effect of Zoloft and which is a withdrawal effect of Effexor.  But research this -- your child needs to know.  I always thought none of these were acceptable for somebody wanting to get pregnant.
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