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Effexor XR

I was taking Buspar (45 mg) per day for anxiety and still experiencing tightness in my chest.  My Dr. had me wean off the Buspar and start taking Effexor XR.  Started with 37.5 mg per day for the first week and then to 75 mg per day (only on day 11).  My problem is the tightness in my chest is back and worse then ever.  I’m sleeping better and I feel calmer, it’s just the chest tightness that only goes away if I take a Xanax.  

I guess my question is, how long will it take for the Effexor to start working or I'm I better just going back to Buspar and the occasional chest tightness.
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Hi I dont think you have anything to worry about your chest tightness get it checked out with your doctor but it is a vary commom symptom of anxiety, my consultant wants to put me on buspar, did you find it helped at all with your anxiety?
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i been on effexor off and on for 7yrs i got the effects in 7days the chest may just be something u have to work on.. good luck
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