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Effexor Xr

I've been taking Effexor xr [37.5mg] for about a week now, and the first three to four days of taking it i didn't feel any symptoms. I recently have been having trouble sleeping where as before i took the medicine i never had any problems sleeping. I just feel very restless, my body is very uncomfortable, its like i have so much energy locked up inside of me but I'm extremely tired at the same time. I was just wondering if these symptoms will eventually go away after taking the medicine for a bit longer..  or does my body just need to adjust to taking the medicine ?!?!?!  
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You can also post your question over on the depression forum - you will probably get some response from other Effexor users.

I wish I could help you - I only took Effexor quite briefly and I couldn't tolerate it at all.

I hope that you begin to feel better soon...
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I have GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and was prescribed Effexor XR for this condition.  I also know some other people that take Effexor XR.  You are (I assume) just starting on a dose that will build up slowly.  I have heard of and experienced excessive sweating at night while taking the Effexor.  It is a pretty powerful med, and it may take you a while to get used to.  If you feel that your negative side effects outweigh your positive effects, you may want to ask your doc about trying something else.

Hope this helps
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I was on Effexor XR for a while.  While I was on it I did experience what you are talking about, plus my legs ached.  I went to the dr. and they prescribed restless leg syndrom meds.  I had finally had enough and "told" (not something I would normally do) the dr. that I couldn't take the Effexor anymore he took me off of it.  All I can offer is my own experience and say that I would definetly talk to the dr. about it.  

Good luck,

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thanks for this thread Jen, my doctor prescribed Effexor  yesterday and the more I read about it, the more I just dont want to go that way.  Buspar did the same thing for me years back, I just felt like i was trading the anxiety/panic for a whole new set of problems with the side effects I was having, though I know others have taken it with no side effects.  I dont know, maybe its just a trial and error to find the right one for the right person, but after reading everyone's say so on Effexor, I'm just really hesitant to begin that
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Some new developments on Effexor... regular Effexor has gone generic!  I was shocked to get my prescription for my minimum copay!  Only downside - no generic Effexor XR.  Today's my first day on the regular Effexor, so I'll let everyone know how it goes.  One thing I heard today that I hadn't heard before: Effexor withdrawl/weaning symptoms can be severe enough to land you in the hospital.  Yikes! I love the med, it really helps me, and I will probably be on it for at least a year, but it gives me worries for the future when I'm ready to come off the med.  
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I'll just quickly add my name to the list of folks who couldn't tolerate Effexor. I was on it about 4 weeks and found myself thinking thoughts of death, which is just NOT me, and I could not make myself stop. That was when I went back to the doc for another stab at a different med. We're just all so different..........but after giving a med a decent trial period, which will also vary among us as to what a "decent trial period" is, and you're not comfortable, go back to your doc. Meds, like life............sheesh, sometimes you gotta kiss a lot of frogs............
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