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Everything Causes me Anxiety/Why?

Ive been on Benzodiazepines all my adult life due to generalized anxiety. Im 52. In 1996 I  withdrew from Valium, and ever since so many things make me very stressed.  Sometimes my brain feels like its being squeezed. Things like calcium, I cant have any diary, vitamins even the B's, Natural progesterone, even though its suppose to relax, so many things, and it all started after I went of the Valium, and after having tremendous stress after doing so. What happened to my brain because of it and how can I  help myself now. Im presently taking a 1/4 of a .5 Kolonopin 2x daily. Thanks for any advice
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I'm sorry i have no advice to offer you.  Since 1996 is a very long time to be suffering. My heart goes out to you.
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some of the antidepressants also work great for anxiety. talk to your dr. about this. take care. Remar
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