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I suffer from anxiety, but I also suffer from migraines. I felt a sharp pain in my head which is usually a sign of an upcoming migraine, but it completely and totally freaked me out and I went into full blown panic. I was fine until I started having my panic attack and now I feel like I'm gonna pass out, go crazy, or like something is going to happen to me. I'm freaking out, I'm scared and I can't sleep. Am I okay? Am I alone in this? Someone please help.
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Are you sure you have migraines?  This doesn't actually sound like migraines, as they usually start with vision disturbances and nausea and only progress to the headache a while after.  If it is migraines, meditation can help a lot with both problems, as it regularizes blood flow.  True migraines are a vascular problem, and if you can get your blood flowing more evenly in your extremities and in the vessels closer to the head you can pretty much eliminate them.
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