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HIV test tommorrow Im really scared

I have a 8 week hiv test tommorrow and i cant get it outta my mind that its gonna be positive or at least a false positive.Had one done on day 35 negative but the cdc says i have to wait 90 days.Im so scared right now i cant think straight.Everyone on the forum says i didnt have a risk or i had a very low risk but still im crazy scared...I had a cut lip that i dont know if it was still bleeding or not during a deep french kiss with someone i dont know there hiv status or if they had bleeding in the mouth. Im so sick right now I cant think straight i keep thinkin the last one i had was false positive.I keep takin benadrill(spelled wrong) afraid that will make it test wrong also have nausea, cold hands and feet, sick to my stomach, i think i have a fever but im not sure, diarehha and then to top it off 8 weeks isnt good enough i have to do another at 90 days i fear i might go crazy. I have thoughts of death killing myself but im to scared to do it. I really dont know what to do so i thought i would write on here again to see if it would take away some of my anxiety
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well I never saw your other post but from what you say here, I'd say you have about a 99% chance of negative (and accurate) results.  I know how you feel though, I'm a serious hypochondriac and have been putting off getting HIV tested just because I know if i start to think about it I'll worry myself sick.  Just try to wait without worrying.  What I've learned so far in life is, when you HAVE to wait for something, the time comes eventually.  And sometimes you don't have control over it, so forgetting about it until the time comes is the best thing you can do.  Try to occupy yourself with other things in the meantime.  Let yourself forget about it, because thinking about it won't change a thing.  hang in there!!
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I know how you feel, I get the same way when I am waiting for test results.  I can't relax.  I'm constantly waiting for the phone to ring.  I've been putting off a chest x-ray that I probably should get done according to one doctor.  Who know?  But just wanted to let you know I know how you feel.  You'll be fine. Good luck and God bless!
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You are NOT alone with your worries...I do the same thing also...please do not think rediculous thoughts about ending your life.  I PROMISE you that you are fine.  I stated before to you how I am with HIV also.  I would have sworn I was the 1% that had it....YOU DO NOT HAVE AIDS!!!!  As you see from the other responses that we all are waiting for something...and most of the time we think the worst.  I have fibroids in my uterus.  I have to go for an ultrasound on Monday and I am trying my best not to give myself a "death sentence"  The doctor also took lots of blood from me and she said she is running "many tests" (including HIV) to try to figure out some of my "woman problems"..I am going nuts waiting for those blood results also...let's all just take a deep breath and wait together.  We will all be fine and we all have to think positively.  If you start to freak out...vent here....we all understand.  Let us know how it goes.
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and I'm waiting on some results that I of course expect the worst out of.  But like Suzi-q said, let's all wait together and hope for the best!  and try to keep our minds occupied with other things
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I understand this waiting sucks and i am hoping for a good out come never the less this test is only at 8 weeks not 90 days so i know i will still be freaking out hopfully not as much i just dont know what to think. Even if i am negative i pray to god i still fear getting a false positive i dont think i could handle that i just dont know anymore im so tired from all of this im worn out i wanna sleep but i cant even do that.going for my test her in like 6hrs.Do you think that im one of those later sero converters that even if its negative that it will be positive at 3 months sigh i just dont know what to do anymore.....I hope all you guys get the results you need and deserve...
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BREATHE, BREATHE, BREATHE!!!  It truly sucks, I know that....I KNOW THAT YOU ARE GOING TO BE FINE!!!  Despite what many think, it is not easy to catch HIV...it is not like a cold....it is bodily fluids with blood.....iknow, i know...the kiss with the bloodly lip...but did she have a cut in her mouth?  What would be the chances of her having a cut in her mouth AND having HIV???  I know that LOGIC is the last thing your brain can comprehend, but LOGICALLY SPEAKING...the chances of you contracting HIV is SLIM TO NONE!!!!!  It will NOT be a FALSE POSITIVE...you are not a serum "whatever you called it"...you are a NORMAL PERSON, WHO IS GETTING A NORMAL TEST, THAT WILL BE NORMAL....HANG IN THERE!!!    breathe...breathe...breathe.....
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In my case do u think that 8 weeks would be conclusive if it is in fact negative....
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I love the above post!!!!  How are you doing today?  How was the test?  Keep us updated!
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An 8 week test is generally considered to be about 95% accurate, but, in any case, you cannot get HIV from a kiss, regardless of what the circumstances are.

Firstly, provided your kissing partner was from the US, Europe or UK, they are not a gay/bi man then the chance they had HIV is minimal, maybe 1 in 5000.

Secondly, the saliva in your mouth contains several enzymes that render the HIV virus inactive. You do not get HIV this way.

Thirdly, a 35 day test is pretty reassuring. On average it takes 22 days for a test to turn positive so, a 35 day test would be something like 70-80% accurate.

Putting all these factors together, particularly the second one, there is no chance you have HIV, regardless of what, or when, you test.

You did not have a risk. So you do not have HIV

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Well i went there and they told me i didnt have a risk really and that i didnt need a test so they werent gonna give me one....Im still really worried more calm now but its still there im gonna try again on may29 somewhere else i really dont know how to calm down and im scared that i would be the one who fell through the cracks...and this lady gets around the block thats what makes me wonder but im trying to forget it cuz my life is going to **** right now my girlfriend is so tired of me and having to reassure me all the time even tho i know shes there for me i just wanna be able to forget this and be myself again i wanna touch her and not have a flash back of this incident so im hoping that i will get better in time. I have scary dreams sometimes like i got bit my a snake and now im infected or seeing that lady in my dream telling well i could have it...i have always listend to sign so now trying to not listen to them and think logically is really scary...I just pray that everyone is right and im being to paranoid. I know i have definately learned some lessons outta all this and i just want to get back to normal so i really really hope that everyone is right. and that there was no blood in her mouth since i dont know if mine was bleeding or not during the kiss.
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listen you. i am in a long term hetrosexual relationship with a with a guy who is HIV positive and has been for a number of years. WE KISS ALL THE TIME! of course we are very aware of the cautions and observations we need to regard but do not let it get in the way of our everyday lives. communication being key!!
i spent the last week sweating on results which i received yesterday and all of them negative.
waiting on results is never easy and nobody should ever be judged on going completely and irrationally insane during this difficult period. im sure people who remain calm on the outside are turning somersaults inside!!
surprised as you may be, i actually regard my own situation as very low risk due to having a complete and honest understanding of the facts allowing myself and my partner to remain SAFE! (not that that stops me turning into a complete maniac when waiting on HIV results!!)
given that some statistics rate the risk of a hetrosexual male HIV+ infecting a female HIV- partner through vaginal sex at 1 in 100,000 chance and an HIV+ female infecting a male HIV- partner at 1 in 200,000  (and thats with full penetrative sex with ejaculation!), your situation? to be honest, practically no risk.
my one bit of advice for you is to gleen from this experience a firm affirmation to stay safe for the rest of your life :0)
im out of here now to celebrate my results with a good bottle of vintage red xx
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Hi I'm 16 I got a random checkup at the clinic because I didn't wanna misdiagnose a yeast infection...well come to find out it wasn't one it was trichomonis but I wasn't totalllyyy freaked out by it because my boyfriend had been tested but my doctor reassured me that trich can sometimes be really hard to detect in males with no symptoms..welll during my visit the happy lady in the clinic ask me do I want to be tested...and I quickly agree believing I have nothing to worry about shortly after my visit I start thinking back to my very first sexual encounter where the condom popped mind you his penis was barely in no ejaculation though and 1 more time the same thing...then I realized that I don't know this boys sexual history and now I've been going CRAZY googling hiv symptoms and reading everything..(btw its been like a year and a half)thing is I have no one to talk to my grandmom would go crazy!ohh the thing is the test results are @ the clinic today but I've already doomed myself to hiv in my mind..I have kinda stopped planning my future a bit..and I'm allltogether scared to call and get the results...

---scared lonely girl in the U.S=(
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