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Hypochondria with panic attacks

I went through a health scare when I was in highschool.  Since then for 12 years I have suffered from anxiety, occasional panic attacks, constant worrying and hypochondria.   The worst part is the hypochondria, It goes through cycles I believed at one time or another I was dying from ALS, MS, Cancer, Parkinsons and everytime I have sex with a new partner I become paralyzed by fears of std's.  I convinced myself I had herpes without ever having a blister, I could not sleep, had stomach problems, could not eat, and lost interest in everything but looking up herpes symptoms online.  I need advice on how to help myself through this. I want to try to beat this on my own without therapy or medication.  I appreciate any help
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Honestly, therapy and medication are the best combination of treatment. Medication relieves the physical sypmtoms while therapy helps to break down your issues to get to the root of things, and then build you up to be a stronger, happier person who can cope with your issues.

But there are other things you can do besides meds and therapy...its just something I suggest because they had turned my life around a year or so ago when I was in such an intensely bad state.

First off, excersize is proven to help anxiety. Also healthy eating. Stay away from caffinee and tons of sugar. Reading helps, it gets your mind off things and helps you to concentrate on someone elses life rather than dwell on your own.  Putting a rubber band or hair tie around your wrist and snapping it can help, also maybe buy some rose-tinted glasses.  It sounds wierd but the color red is suposed to sooth anxiety, so I decided to buy some rose tinted glasses and I love them...
Maybe take up a hobby such as photography, writing, sports, and instrument, etc...there is so much to look into.  A hobby gives you something to focus on and a goal to reach.  It also gives you the chance to "own" it, and control it...unlike how you cant control anxiety. It also helps take your mind off things.

Hope that helps..and good luck! You are not alone
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Thank you jcook, when this all started about 11 years ago I had some control over my thought patterns. In the last 5 years it's like I'm on a roller coaster. My mind starts going and there is nothing I can do. Deep down i know my thoughts are irrational and make no sense but it doesn't matter.  
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I am the same exact way! I am a hypochondriac, and I think it stems from my phobia of vomitting (emetophobia).  That one phobia has spiraled out of control and completely takes over my life.  Its completely irrational becuase throwing up is totally natural, but for some reason my mind obsesses over it and creates so much fear in me.  Keep fighting through it...anxiety is something you CAN beat!
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Jcook,  I agree it's a horrible cycle. You are right I need to keep myself busy or my mind runs wild. I had the best day I've had in 3 months yesterday. I kept myself busy and stayed off med help lol. Today was brutal again! Deep down I know I have nothing but its like everytime my mind has a free moment it diagnosis me and away we go.  I am going to set up some sort of counceling and try to get my life back on track. The anxiety I feel over my health exhausts me.  I do workout and find that the two hours a day I'm at the gym I don't think about health issues.
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