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Indigestion? Anxiety? Chest problems

I don’t know who to turn too anymore as I’m tired of life. I don’t know what’s wrong with me and my dr won’t help me. She keeps blaming anxiety for my Symtopms but I just know it could be more.
A few weeks back I was treated for h pylori, I think she gave me the wrong medication because from looking on line the doses she gave me were slightly off, anyways I took the meds are prescribed , I was okay. And then last week I was eating a didn’t notice a small bone in the chicken I was eating. I felt it scratch my throat.
I tried to induced vomiting yep I know bad idea. Anyways nothing came out. I did go dr she just laughed at me.
It’s been four days now since the incident and a week off the h pylor meds. But I have this right feeling in my chest. I feel like I constantly have to burp but it doesn’t come out. Sorry for to much info. I have this Indisgestion  feeling in my oesophagus, I feel like I can’t breath or I have to take deep breaths to make it better. I don’t drink acidic drinks but I have been to burp so my chest feels better. I have this constant fullness in my chest ,I sleep fine with no symtopms , it’s when I’m awake I feel it all. Would anyone know what I’m going through.
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Hello~ I am sorry you are having these issues. I hate to say this, but it does, indeed, sound like anxiety. I have issues with anxiety and I have experienced the same symptoms you have mentioned. I know how real they can feel, but I noticed the more I dwelled on them the worse they got. That tight feeling can be due to tight muscles from being so anxious and subconsciously holding your body tensely, same with the breathing issue, again, I have had both.

There is a good book by Dr Claire Weeks called "Hope and Help For your Nerves" you can get it at Amazon, it has helped me immensely, in fact, I had to purchase another copy as I wore my first one out from reading so much and all the underlining I did.

I hope you feel better soon. Feeling like this is no fun.
Thank you for responding to me, it’s rarely someone on here will reply, I think you are right, the more I dwell on it the worse it gets. At night I sleep properly , it’s only during the day the issues is back. This year has been one thing after the other. I will look into the book you have suggested, and probably I should get some medication to help. Thanks again
You are very welcome. I know how scary these symptoms can be and I like to help in any way I can. It is reassuring that you sleep well and the symptoms only act up during the day when awake, that is another sign of anxiety. I have a blog on my home page about anxiety symptoms, you are welcome to read it.
You are very welcome. I know how scary these symptoms can be and I like to help in any way I can. It is reassuring that you sleep well and the symptoms only act up during the day when awake, that is another sign of anxiety. I have a blog on my home page about anxiety symptoms, you are welcome to read it.
Just to say, rushing out to get medication isn't a great place to start.  For example, you say you were put on antibiotics for Hpylori, but you don't say if you were accurately diagnosed with it and you don't describe any symptoms of it.  Taking antibiotics can make digestion worse, as they kill off beneficial organisms.  Hpylori is found in everyone, it's only when it's overgrown and causing things like ulcers that it becomes a problem.  The same is true with your anxiety problem, as it doesn't sound like it's destroying your life and might be fixed with some therapy.  Again, trying to solve everything with medication can lead to problems, so when we need it, it's good it's there, but it's not always the right place to start.  You might try paying attention to what you eat, how quickly you eat, and the like.  You might look into meditation and exercise along with the therapy.  Some foods that can cause what you're feeling are wheat, dairy, soy, and others.  Not just soda.  Now, your life may be a lot worse than your description, but again, doctors are going to prescribe meds, it's what they know how to do, but it's not always the best thing to start off trying.  Also, know that anxiety sufferers think anxious thoughts and often avoid things because of it.  If that doesn't describe you, then you may just have a bad doctor.  Because again, the things you're describing are common problems people have with some foods or the way they eat.  Peace.
Thank you I think your absolutely right regarding the h pylori, it has never really haven me any symptoms, but drs just want to keep chucking antibiotics at me to try rid it , I originally just went to the dr as I had indigestion, lower stomach cramps, fever and so on, but she was persistent to re try to treat the hpylori for the third time. If anything it’s made it worse. I will take ur advice regarding food and see how I go
First thing, antibiotics kill off beneficial organisms that are essential to proper digestion.  Ring a bell?  Try going to the best health food store in your area and buy the best multi-spectrum probiotic from the refrigerated section.  Make sure it is high in bifidus or bifido bacteria, which is very influential in our digestion.  Good place to start fixing this.
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Малосольная семга очень помогает на завтрак.
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