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Is this Anxiety/Panic Attacks?

I'm 21 year old,Male.
Sense June/July and getting worst in the present, Iv been having pains and achs all over my body around my stomach ,chest ,'heart', side of armpits and such as well as blurry vision for a few seconds and sharp pain in my head lasting only a few seconds mostly in the left back side, causing myself to freak out and pace the house and go frequently to the washroom to check hearth rate and my eyes to make sure I cant see anything physically wrong.

But the Problem on top of that is that Iv been losing weight without actually losing weight!!!! My skin is slowly getting tighter on my body leaving no fat at all and every bone in my body is showing, I horrible underweight but my bones never showed as much before in my chest neck and temple but they are showing up worst and worst everyday, yet my weight is still the same. I'm 6 Foot 2 and 130 Pounds! BMI of like 16.X So where is my fat going and why am I losing weight? This just worries me even more because I have pain all over my body which makes the Panic attacks worst for me! And I don't work out at all right now, or even leave the house, I'm off work for a few weeks so I'm not building any muscle to replace the fat.

I have what you would call the same symptoms of Anxiety like feelings of head pain , going to have heart attack, chest pain, light headed, lost and confused, blurry vision, but I don't know if I have Anxiety cause iv never talked to a Doctor about it and I think I may have something worst!

Do you guys have constant Chest, Stomach Pain and a Gurgling feeling in the chest next to heart on the left side?

Maybe , I don't have Anxiety but a actual problem and this is making me Anxious and causing my Panic Attacks cause its impossible to sleep at night!

Thanks for reading and giving you input, Ill be watching this frequently and re-posting on anything new that happens!

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Anxiety can manifest itself in many different way including some really uncommon physical symptoms.  It is very common for those who suffer from anxiety to think they are suffering from some serious medical condition, but in fact it is really just your mind thinking that there is something wrong and the more you dwell on it the more pronounced the physical symptoms become.  It is an ugly cycle and it gets worse and worse and you feel completely helpless to make it stop.  I know it *****, but what needs to happen is for you to start identifying what triggers or situations are occurring right before you begin to start feeling out of control.  In my case if for instance I get a sharp pain up the left side of my body I instantly think omg whats going on whats wrong with me... then i start panicking and my heart races and then i think i am having a heart attack, then i cant breath, then i cant see... its a viscous cycle that is in fact the exact definition of what a panic attack is. Hope I helped and if you would like to talk more I'm on here every day :)
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Thank you for your post and support it made me fell great just now cause I just had a panic attack -_-
I was always the one who laughed at people about stress and anxiety because i use to be like "Oh its all in your head, get over it"
Now I have it really bad and with that comes crazy hearth racing, room pacing Panic Attacks!
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Another day and I'm still alive!
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Go to the doctor. Unexplained weight loss (assuming you're eating enough) is not a good thing. It could be anxiety, but it could also be something else, and it'd be wise to get it checked out.
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Yea, I have a appointment Friday, ill let you guys know what the doctor says!
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he man I have exactly the same problem... I always check my heartrate and i have the fluttering feeling (except it's on the right side) my chest cramps on the left side.... i have been feeling like ive been getting skinnier, but i haven't lost any weight at all... the weird thing is that ive actually gained a few pounds....oh and have you noticed that your veins seem to get really thin when you get nervous or anything??? cuz i usually have noticable veins and then when i get nervous i look at them and they are abnormally thin.... it's weird... i guess i can only notice it because i have big veins to start out with.... let me know how your visit to the doc goes...
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Yea I'm gonna visit him tomorrow, is there a way i can get a hold of you to chat like msn or something, maybe make a new email so know one knows who you are and my veins are popping up everywhere, places i couldn't see them before now there bulging like mad in head and, arms, legs, thighs.....
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Sorry for double post but i sent you a PM Kevin222
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I missed the doctors appointment and have to schedule a new one! This *****!
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OK, so i havent seen the doctor yet but i still have neck and arm pain with numbness also in head and legs and my left side hurts when i breath in and my chest still gurgles on the left side!
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Doctor tommorrow at 2:30... better go good!
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Sounds like anxiety, but I am going through the same kind of thing. I feel like i have chest pain and pulsating.. the pulsating is real.. like that feeling of your stomach groaning from hunger constantly even when your full. I also think it is my heart at times but have to remind myself it is my abdomen area. The panic attacks ***** if you get them. It is like a pyramid of problems that are impossible to stop if you cannot find the trigger and get rid of it before it spins too far out of control. I feel like during some panic attacks I could have a seizure and like swallow my tongue or have some kind of fainting resulting in injury or permanent brain damage. I hope you see a good doctor and be very precise with how you feel.. take a journal even of mental notes you make and want the doctor to be aware of.
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