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Lexapro Withdraw Symtoms & Duration

I have been on Lexapro 10 mg a day for about 4 years.  Under Dr supervision I started a very gradual withdraw program that lasted about 5 months.  I have been lexapro free for 14 days.  I have experienced severe head aches and nausea for the last two weeks along with a reboot feeling in the head.  It has been really bad the last 3 or 4 days several days.  My Dr said it would last about 10 to 14 days. How long can I expect this to last?  I alternated 2.5 mg every other day for a month before stopping completely.

I am also on 150 mg of Welbutrin XL and plan on beginning to stop this as well within the next 60 to 90 days under Dr supervision.  I hope this will be easier to deal with during withdraw.

Thanks in advance,
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I am withdrawing from Lexapro right now. I have withdrawn from other SSRIs in the past including Paxil. Your symptoms sound normal and your doctor sounds about right. The withdrawal symptoms subside for me in about 2-3 weeks although this can vary from person to person. I chose to stop taking the 10 mg cold turkey because I get just as bad withdrawal effects each time we tapered the dose down gradually so I said what the hell is the point? I feel the same just stopping at 10mg than I did when tapering down from 20mg. But in the end, don't worry. Give it some time and you will feel "normal" again. :)

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In my experience, I tend to agree with Slappy.  While I have not been on Lexapro I did a gradual taper from another SSRI, Zoloft, and experienced some side effects like you are describing for a couple of weeks after I stopped.  I applaud you for working closely with your doctor.  You are taking the right steps; just continue to work with him/her.  The side effects will wean and while everybody is different I also think it will be ok.
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