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Lexapro & weight

Hello.  Do any of you all take Lexapro?  I am trying to find a good medication that does NOT cause weight gain.  Please do not tell me SSRI do not cause weight gain.  I was on Zoloft for many years & it caused weight gain.  Everytime I asked my doctor if it could be the medicine he said "No", so I tried & tried to get the 30 lbs off I had put on from it.  I ate a good diet & worked out all the time.. NOTHING.  I searched online & found out that many people had this complaint.  I decided to go off of the medicine & I lost ALL the weight without even trying.  It fell off!  A few years later... I am now having a lof of anxiety & need something to help, but do not want the weight gain.  I know a couple people who use the same doctor & he prescribes Lexapro.  I assume this will be the same for me.... if you will, please give me your feedback on Lexapro.  Thanks!  :)
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I used to take lexapro almost killed me
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These kind of meds have different effects on different people so the weight gain or not will simply have to be tried out,you can ask your doc about this as some in general cause less weight gain but still everybody reacts differently.lily
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