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Masturbation and Anxiety\Nausea

Hello, I'm 15 and about 5-6 days ago I discovered how to masturbate (I know, late)

About 2 days after I discovered it and had my first experience I would get this nauseas feeling. The only way to get rid of the nausea was to masturbate or walk around. About 4-5 hours after masturbating the nausea feeling would come back. I thought it was anxiety. I thought I may have Obsessive Compulsive disorder or that I was addicted to masturbation, however it was only 2 days after finding out how to do it, and I had only masturbated about 4 times in thos 2 days. I noticed that taking pepto bismol seemed to make me feel better, however it could have only been the placebo effect.
I started telling myself that I had a stomach sickness, and the feeling would go away temporarily. Eventualy after about 2 days the feeling was less intense, instead of having a constant nausea feeling I would only have a brief period of anxiety/nausea after having a sexual thought or thinking about masturbation.

Could someone please tell me what is going on? If you need any more information just ask.
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Clipper ships, eh? I was thinking more along the lines of submarines.............

I think a few sessions of E&LRP should do the trick............but remember that laughter is the best medicine and when used as an adjunct with fishing, be your boat motorized or not, the "catch of the day" will always be a Rainbow (Trout)

And now it's MY turn to call YOU on spelling mishaps! Paxil and I did NOT take your "METHAPHORE," which sounds like a nasty street drug, but we DID take your "METAPHOR."
Get out your #2 and write it 100 times!
(Want me to spell MASTURBATION for you?) I can, ya know!

As for the noise factor of certain entertainment systems, it can, at times, be a bit distracting. Which is why I always sing "Leaving On A Jet Plane" VERY loud during takeoff.

Avast matey's!
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I just knew YOU wouldn't be able to stay out of THIS one!

And look whose calling the kettle black!
(You have taken your Geritol today, right?)

Love you too, g/f
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From Fishing 101:

The skill of a true fisherman is evidenced by the masterly use of his rod.

Professor Greenie
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Hi Will.

I want to ask you if you're feeling better now but I guess the motion sickness is still there? It really sounds like it could be an inner ear thing due to the general intolerance you experience to bodily movements. Hopefully you will get an answer to that already tomorrow. Please keep us posted.


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Memory Walk? Reminds me of the joke about the wife asking the husband to go for a walk around the block with her.........he replied....."Why? We're already here."

I began a 30 day diet and so far I've lost 15 days!

Go take your Aricept, me, I'm gonna try to remember where I left the vodka.

I think nora should wear the spelling dunce hat for 2 hours! All in agreement, raise your hand.

Peace and Good Night All
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Can't believe you waited so long to join the fun, but Will is our primary concern amongst all the silliness. Your views on choking the chicken are welcome!

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Don't worry if you aren't following all the innuendos..........perhaps you could have nora explain the "methaphores" to you. She has the time now that she's in the dunce seat for a couple hours!
You will soon enough know what we're all joking about!

Keep up the good work!
(MY bad!)
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Alright, about the prostaititis thing, I have little doubt that I have prostatitis.

About 1 year ago I would suddenly get a jab of pain in my arse. I told myself it was constipation and the pain spikes resumed until about a few days after I got a Urinary Infection. I was going to the bathroom every 20 minutes and only peeing a tiny bit when I went. A few days after it went away and almost immediately came back. I told myself that my Prostate was swelling due to puberty and left it at that.

Now 1 year to the present, during the first few days of my discovery of masturbation, I would always get a pain in my anus after ejaculating and it would stay there for about  5-10 minutes and then go away. It stopped after about 3 days but I still sometimes get occasional pelvic pains and sore genitals after ejaculation.

Even before the whole masturbation anxiety thing started I was stilling planning a doctors appointment to take care of whatever this was.
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Yes, Im sneaky like that.. haha..
though I must say for being 15 yrs old you are very intellgent( shows ya how smart I am i cant even spell!)
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Will - I love the part where you say you would "do it for about 30 seconds, get bored and go play video games."  Too funny!  Part of the reason I got such a kick from your post is because the same thing happened to me when I first tried masturbation (a loong time ago, now, haha)  I didn't do it long enough and would get bored.  Finally, like you, one day I persisted and at the time, wondered if and when that feeling was going to stop.  Scared me the first time, LOL!

Yep, this thread is a crack-up!
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Hey, Toots,
So..........how did the first day of school go? I bet there wasn't a pair of saddle shoes in sight! LOL

Don't know where you live..........I'm on the West coast, so it's still pretty early here, but if you're back East, your school day should almost be over and your date with the doc should be soon. I am sitting here anxiously awaiting his/her diagnosis!

Won't comment on the possibility of prostatitis............but IF it should happen to be that, I've found a grand nugget of information for you!
When prostatitis is not caused by a bacterial infection, but rather a fungal, viral or protozoal infection, the treatments include sitz baths, (plopping your butt in warm water) periodic prostate massage and the very best of all???????????


While I do hope you DON'T have this malady, if you must, then I hope you don't have the bacterial kind. Playing the skin flute is much better and way more fun than a prolonged dose of ABX!  

I'm watching the clock Will..................don't make me let the monkey's out!

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The doctor has sent me for an ultra sound test and a urine test to see whats going on.

I dont know when I will do the tests.
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Well, this is not what I wanted to hear! Why don't you know when the tests are going to be? That's rather odd. He should have set up an appt. for you with the CT folks right then and there and if this place has a lab, they could have done the urine test immediately.

I shall keep the monkey's in their pen for now, but we are ALL awaiting news, so do keep us posted!

Hang in there, Will. It's going to be OK.
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Did not mean "CT" folks............he is not sending you for a Cat Scan, just an ultra sound.

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I just had the urine tests and Im awaiting the results. The ultra sound is booked.
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OK, now we're getting somewhere. What did he tell you he was testing you for?

Sorry............my NOLS got the better of me.

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Bacteria and such for the urine test. The ultra sound is for seeing if there are any blockages or fluid in the pelvis.
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Do you have any test results yet? Please keep us posted, OK?
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No not yet. When I get the results ill rush to the computer to post, I promise.
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I have received 28 abuse reports in the past hour regarding this post. After reviewing it, I find that it is a valid post and not at all abusive.

If the reports continue I will request an activity list to find out which member is doing the reporting and that member will be suspended. Reporting abuse 28 times is abusive in and of itself and it takes up the moderators time when they could be attending to those posts that actually are abusive.

I sincerely hope that this will not be necessary and I also hope that the post can continue and stay on topic for the sake of the original poster.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

The MedHelp Team

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Since our thread has apparently offended someone and has been hacked to pieces by the MH Mods, even AFTER they stated it was NOT abusive, we all need to pack up our sense of humor and silliness and just get back to the business of helping Will sort out his questions, concerns and confusion to the best of our abilities.
I'm sorry that I lead you all astray.
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You didn't do anything wrong by any means. It was a great thread......

Repressive Imperialists :(

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You have NOTHING to be sorry about!
If YOU lead people astray, then so did I!

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So we all go masturbate while we await the next good thread to kick in,
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Ahhh that felt good.

Well guys, i still havent gotten results back (Only been a day since my last post though).

it appears this thread isnt even in the topic of anxiety anymore, but Ill guess Ill remain posting.

Ever since the thread first started I've been constipated. I thought it was simply stress because of having anxiety problems related to masturbation, so I ignored it. Its been 2 weeks and while I dont have a lot of anxiety (I do get 'anxious' to do the woohoo occasionally) and yet I still am constipated, now I remember the 1st week of the whole ordeal I took tums because I had acid, (Nothing new, I've always had heartburn and such) and that could be the cause. However I havent taken 1 tums for 2 weeks. Occasionaly I also have had steatorhea and diarhea from laxatives. Now i've also abdominal, pelvic and chest pain since saturday that has been coming and going. Not nausea, but actual pain. It is pain with movement sometimes resembling a cramp from drinking too much water then running, sometimes its a more sharp pain.

Now should I copy paste this post as a new topic in a more relavent area of the forums or can you guys give your wonderous insight?
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Fascist pigs!


Sweet Will...you are so young to have experienced all this!!!

I'm going to live alone in the mountians with my vibrator--goodbye

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my post was removed after simply asking a person if they had read the original posters other threads.  that was litterally all i asked. while i feel no need to comment on this post...i strongly disagree that individual responses should be removed from a post if they are relevant to the original post. perhaps the original post itself should be in question since all the responses on here were pretty much relevent to the original post.

i have seen medhelp remove the wrong posts time and time again and leave the wrong ones up time and time again. it's highly frustrating. i wouldn't be surprised if this post is removed before anyone even see's it. how dare i doubt the judgement of the medhelp censorship team.
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and how rude to imply that whoever is reporting abuse on this post will be removed from medhelp...how VERY rude. this is an anxiety forum....not a masturbation forum. different people have different values. it's your JOB to do what you're doing....not to threaten the people who post here and who have ligit concerns. it wasn't me who reported this post....but whoever did shouldn't be told to stop. it is a concern of theres. what would you do if you DID pull the logs and found the reports were all from different people?

how very rude of anyone working for medhelp to openly threaten a forum. VERY rude. perhaps YOU should be censored.
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This same thing happened on the Complementary Medicine forum.  The best poster we had was kicked off Medhelp completely because he posted too much, but all he was doing was posting articles which were of great interest to the rest of us.  Now that forum is dead.  And if you can't let anxiety sufferers have a little fun, what's next?  Eliminate humor from the depression forum?  Greenlydia, I guess the boat has been sunk.

Will, it sounds as if you're suffering from something, either physical or mental I don't know.  You're 15 and you're already sucking Tums?  You do know they just increase stomach acid, right?  Temporary relief, long term problems.  My hope is that you find a therapist to talk out these concerns and find a good doctor to see if there is anything physical.  My guess is, there isn't.  Your stomach is sour, your concern about your original post, all suggest a great deal of worrying.  Why?  I think that's what you need to discover before it gets deeply entrenched in your personality.  
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Toejam: Theres a difference between reporting for legitimate concerns, and reporting 28 times.

Paxiled: I am a hypochondriac and have always simply accepted it. Maybe it is getting to the point where I am imagining the symptoms. Well the abdominal pain is less and less prominent so Ill wait for the test results and leave it at that.

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It's sad that this is a legit subject, and while I understand that it isn't the most comfortable subject to discuss for everyone....this young man came to us with a real problem.

We're all adults here.....if someone doesn't like a thread...skip it...it's as simple as that.  No need to report something 28 times....and what I really don't get is...if the thread was found to be legit...then why so many pulled posts?  That's just sad.

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obviously there is a difference. we're not discussing numbers, though. whether it was reported 1 time or 28 times, the simple fact is that reviewing those complaints is what the medhelp moderator signed up for. they shouldn't be using their platform to threaten ANYONE who reports a problem whether it's once or 28 times...especially since some people will find this subject matter offensive. you say that you are 15 so one lesson to learn is when you talk about masturbation in a open forum, you're bound to offend SOMEONE. i however couldn't care less what you're discussing. this entire posting has absolutely no interest for me....hence the reason i've not made any direct comment toward the subject matter of your post or what my opinion is of your situation. what i DO actually care about is that a moderator would have the nerve to threaten a forum as though they are top dog and will ban anyone who disagree's with their judgement. whomever reported this post 28 times disagreed with their judgement....thats the whole point. so this moderator...instead of dealing with this outside this forum...decided to threaten everyone here WITHOUT even finding out if these reports came from one person or different people. re-read what their response was and you'll notice that they don't actually know who did it or how many people did it. that's where i have a problem and thats what i was commenting on. this moderator seems to get something out of showing off their post deleting power and member banning power because OBVIOUSLY there were better ways for them to have handled this situation if they actually gave a rats *** about the members of this forum.
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I can not help but comment on your posts.
Your have the nerve to tell Will about how he has a "lesson to learn". Who the hell are you to give such noble and fine advice?  You state to all of us here with great pathos that you don't care about this thread's content, so what is REALLY your motive for posting your analyzes here in the first place then??  
If YOU actually are able to read and comprehend the MH mod's comment you will find that the thread had been reported 28 times in the PAST hour before the moderator posted his/her review of the original post here and found it valid. So it is highly likely then that the reports all came from one person alone. The warning is clearly righteous as reporting a post 28 times is nothing but INSANE.

It is always difficult to moderate a forum and every moderator will do her or his work the ways she or he sees fit based on general rules. We can disagree with the decisions which are being made of course, and in this case hacking the thread to pieces, in my personal view, left the thread fragmented and inconsistent. That is the price we pay when the right to report a post or/and a thread is being used by someone who gets offended by the content of a post/thread. This person, who reported the thread 28 times actually had the power to make the moderator hack it to pieces come the end of the day. So what's the problem if I may ask?

Oh...and let's just remember the last words of the moderator shall we?
"I also hope that the post can continue and stay on topic for the sake of the original poster."

Or we will risk these posts of meta-discussions to be pulled as well which by the way- when I come to think of it will- be of no significance to me as I really don't give "a rats *** " if that should happen.

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These are all good reasons to reconsider our views on masturbation:

Helps us feel more confident and connected
Improves our mood
Relieves stress and frustration
Strengthens our relationship with ourselves
Strengthens sexual relationships with our partner
Relieves anger and hostility

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i've explained my motivation OVER AND OVER. if you didn't catch it, perhaps you should take a course in reading comprehension. i won't entertain anymore of what you've said for the simple fact that you didn't bother to fully read and UNDERSTAND what i said.
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but i WILL point out that you, nora, are still ASSUMING this was reported 28 times by a single individual...something the moderator has admited they don't know. and even if it was, then the RESPONSIBLE thing would have been to find out who did it and deal with them on an INDIVIDUAL level...not by embarassing someone with a legit concern in this forum.

and who are you to say someone that reports something 28 times is insane? aren't we all slightly insane in this forum? isn't that WHY this forum is here? lets just make it worse by having moderators embarass people openly in this forum. and who are you to question what's sane...you're sitting here engaging in a discussion of masturbation and can't understand why someone might be offended.

now please read twice...i'd hate for you to miss my meaning again.
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"you're sitting here engaging in a discussion of masturbation and can't understand why someone might be offended. "

If someone IS offended, it is THEIR problem.  Masturbation is a healthy part of life...and anyone who wants to think of it in some negative way has to deal with that on their own....because they have their own issues.

"lets just make it worse by having moderators embarass people openly in this forum. "

For the love of Pete...the mods didn't make their post to embarrass anyone...they received so many reports, that they felt it was necessary to make an open statement geared to the reporter(s) that indeed this was a legit thread, that it was looked at and the mods made their determination that the thread was okay....therefore they wouldn't have to be continually bombarded with more reports on a legit thread.  

Of course it is a sensitive subject...that's human nature...but their is nothing embarrassing about it....and it's just sad that because someone got their sensitivities bruised, they had to figure that reporting and in essence, removing (after all, that would be the goal) the thread was the answer rather than allow someone to get the help and guidance they need.

"and who are you to say someone that reports something 28 times is insane? aren't we all slightly insane in this forum?"

Ummm, excuse me?  First of all, people with anxiety and anxiety disorders are not "insane", and if YOU think they are, then you need to educate yourself more about anxiety.  If YOU feel that way, you don't belong on this forum.

This whole convo is quite amusing, talking about being offended and so forth...when your actual screen name is quite offensive.  No?
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you're right....anxiety issues aren't insane. you know it's really quit normal for a person to constantly obsess over death and whether they have cancer and if the mole on their skin is changing colors and if they have brain tumors and if their liver is failing and get so anxious they simply can't leave the house and get dizzy completely out of nowhere then get a panic attack and feel like they're literally dying and constantly worry that they will go insane and what would happen if they do....see all that is completely normal so how dare i say we're all a little insane. and to say that people in this forum don't experience those things would be naive...and to assume i don't understand what anxiety is like just because i say we're all a 'little' insane is also naive. you can disagree...you're more than welcome to. i know i'm a little insane and perhaps that is why i'm able to deal with my issues the way that i do. if other people would like to think otherwise, then thats a personal choice that i won't force on anyone...you can just keep tricking yourself into thinking it's "normal" behavior...but if it were, you wouldn't be here.

you fail to mention that they say they'll ban anyone who continues to report this. that was rude and that was a power trip. you can say what you want...but it is what it is. and to say if someone IS offended...it's THEIR problem is fine...but by that standard, i can post WHATEVER i want in this forum and it will be your problem if you're offended, so nothing should be done about it.

i don't doubt how educated you are on anxiety. i have no idea who you are or what you've experienced. i do know how educated i am on issues related to anxiety so it would be a very poor idea for you to question it. the simple fact that people with extreme anxiety often end up in the hospital from time to time should be proof enough of the severity of the mental illness involved...no different than someone with bi polar mania or depression ending up in a hospital from time to time...but i suppose you'll say that those suffering from manic depression aren't just a little insane also. thats fine if thats what you believe...but i'd be very curious to know how you do actually deal with your issues without accepting the differences between you and someone who is completely mentally healthy. i accept the fact that i might just be the most insane person who commonly visits this forum....then again, i might not. but if i am, and you're saying i should leave, then so be it. maybe i will. i find it very interesting that the one time i speak out against something in this forum completely eclipses anything else i've said to the hundreds of people i've commented to over the past year. perhaps that says something about this forum. and by your own standard...if you find my name offensive, then that's your problem.
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I'm sorry Will that your thread now has become a discussion of conflicting moral postures. Never- the- less it is linked to the original topic, if only obscurely so.

So, NOW we're getting close. Your motivation is crystal clear to me. I just wanted to smoke it out...

You wrote:
"and who are you to question what's sane...you're sitting here engaging in a discussion of masturbation and can't understand why someone might be offended."

Well, that really says it all, doesn't it TM? Come on. Aren't you really the offended person here after all?
It's totally OK if you feel offended by other people engaging in a discussion of  masturbation even if those people are trying to demystify what some people find scary, repulsive or even dangerous. I can't say anything against that, except from stressing the obvious fact that we don't share moral grounds regarding autoeroticism.

You would never have had these very strong feelings that you're exposing, in this very spesific context, if the case was only the high principles concerning forum moderation. That is really what I read. Sorry.

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yeah nora...i am the one that reported it which is why i encouraged the moderator to actually find out who DID report it. makes perfect sense to me. but one thing really is crystal clear...and it's probably long over due.

my comments were never about masturbation from the very beginning. it does not offend me in the least. but i'm not closed minded enough to believe it wouldn't offend someone else. perhaps you should do exactly as i suggested and re-read my previous comments. you'll find that i stress more than once my indifference towards the actual subject matter and concertrate only on the moderators comments. that's crystal clear to me, but why not to you? something for me to ponder i guess.
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"m sorry Will that your thread now has become a discussion of conflicting moral postures. Never- the- less it is linked to the original topic, if only obscurely so."

perhaps if you wish to continue our discussion...you would wish to do so via private messages between the 2 of us? it makes more sense to me since it seems this has become less about reponding to previous posts and more about me.
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This thread has gotten weird, but I think there is something important being said here, if the Medhelp moderators are still reading this.  As I said before, the Complementary Medicine forum lost its most popular and best poster because he was determined to have posted too much.  A lot of our threads were also censored when they included sexual humor.  I think what this thread is showing in addition to the original content is that a lot of us are uncomfortable with the idea of being censored without our consultation.  This is a discussion board about health, and sex is a huge part of what concerns many of us.  That we live after centuries of sexual suppression isn't our fault, but it is a factor in what will offend people.  But those who are offended have a choice -- don't read the post.  I originally responded to the poster here because I, too, had emotional difficulty when I first started to masturbate.  Now, I'm old and that was a long time ago, but I still remember it.  It's a valid issue for this forum.  But humor is also valid for any forum where people are suffering.  I hope the moderators will consider that in the future.  As for toejam, I think he's got one of the best handles on here, but that's just me, I'm hard to offend.  I think it's funny.  Which brings me back to my point here, which is I hope Medhelp moderators will be slower to term abuse what isn't but which is just sensitive to some people.  People also talk about fear of all kinds of things here that some consider sensitive, and other forums discuss body parts that many find offensive.  Again, let them just avoid those posts, and let the moderators hold their fire.
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Re-reading your posts made me see that your statements in your several posts are contradictive, hence it's impossible for me to comment any further on them as you tend to mix the themes.

But for your information(and for people who are still reading this thread) I did not mean to imply that YOU were the forum member who'd reported this thread 28 times. My sincere apologies for the inaccurate wording which led to this conclusion. I was merely pointing to the curious qualities of your several statements in which you deny any interest in the original post what so ever, whilst at the same time disclosing a distinct morality concerning the post, which you seem to have in common with the person(s) who reported the thread. I've also seen other posts by you that have a certain morality  attached to them.

I now feel for my part that this discussion has been thoroughly exhausted and further elaboration will therefore not be useful.
Thank you.


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First, let me reiterate my disappointment that our thread was hacked to pieces by Mary, the MH Mod, who switched horses mid-stream. First telling us she found nothing abusive in our posts, then deleting many of them. Including one where amish comes on the thread saying ONLY that he'd finally given up and read it. That was ALL he wrote. It was deleted. Will, our original poster, then wrote and all HE said was "Welcome amish." THAT also was deleted. There are also a few other's that were deleted for reasons I can't begin to fathom and want an explanation for.
I have written to this moderator regarding this post and the deletions, but have received no response.
As a community leader with the wonderous purple whirly-gig, I have the ability to still see the deleted posts. I have copied and pasted them into my email and plan to discuss this entire affair with someone higher up the ladder at MH. I want some answers and will share them with all of you.............IF I get any. And if I'm still allowed on here. I may very well be stripped of my 'whirly-gig" and permanently banned from the forum. Perhaps I should say my "good-byes" now while I still can!

I am not going to get involved in any of the discussions going on currently surrounding this thread, who said what, who did or didn't do what, who believes this, who believes that..............Personally I feel, at this point, they should go into PM mode if anyone wishes to continue the discussion and the direction it has taken. Not a command, just a suggestion. Will must be the priority here.

It was a fun thread, and as nursegirl said, we are all adults here and whomever it was that reported it as abusive SHOULD have simply ignored it if they found it offensive. Anxiety can be related to ANY facet of life. That this thread dealt with a young mans concerns regarding masturbation is totally appropriate for this forum. That we had some "adult" giggles while awaiting Wills medical tests results was also appropriate in my book.............silly perhaps, but we NEVER lost sight of who we were trying to help or why.

I did suggest to the Mod when I wrote her to have this person who found OUR thread abusive/offensive and inappropriate to OUR fourm, to go over to the HIV Forum for a look see at what's talked about over there. If anxiety created and/or fueled by masturbation disturbed this person so badly they had to report us 28 times in ONE hour, they will surely be appalled at what they read there. (Their fingers will be worn to the bone with all that typing)
Vaginas, penises and rectums......OH MY!

Hope to see you on Wills thread............or any for that matter.

I see that Will has added some concerns and I hope that we can all put the swords down and address those issues now.

I again apologize for being the ring leader in all this. It has resulted in nothing but uncalled for deletions, bad feelings amongst some posters and a great deal of anger, mostly on my part.

With regards to all of you
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Man, you know that gell they put on you during ultra sound, its hard as heck to get off.

The results have been sent to my doctor, I await a phone call thatll answer it all.
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I don't know what kind of gel they use at the hospital you went to, but at the one where I work, the stuff wipes right off with a dry cloth. Hope they didn't grab the Elmer's Glue by mistake!

I am anxiously awaiting that phone call, too.................probably not quite as much as you, but I'll be very relieved when the results are in!

You wrote:

"Ever since the thread first started I've been constipated. I thought it was simply stress because of having anxiety problems related to masturbation, so I ignored it. Its been 2 weeks and while I dont have a lot of anxiety (I do get 'anxious' to do the woohoo occasionally) and yet I still am constipated, now I remember the 1st week of the whole ordeal I took tums because I had acid, (Nothing new, I've always had heartburn and such) and that could be the cause. However I havent taken 1 tums for 2 weeks. Occasionaly I also have had steatorhea and diarhea from laxatives. Now i've also abdominal, pelvic and chest pain since saturday that has been coming and going. Not nausea, but actual pain. It is pain with movement sometimes resembling a cramp from drinking too much water then running, sometimes its a more sharp pain."

When you say you've had constipation since this thread began, that's really not such a good thing, Will. That is a long time to go without a bowel movement. If you mean you've had bouts of constipation, that would not be as bad, even expected, due to stress. If you actually have not had a BM in all this time, you must be in a great deal of pain and are probably impacted, which requires medical intervention. I hope you talked to your doctor about this!  
Tums, to the best of my knowledge, should not cause constipation, unless you are eating them in massive quantities. You state that you've always had heartburn "and such." Someone who is 15 should be able to eat an entire automobile without getting heartburn, and I think this is another issue you should discuss with your doctor.
You also tell us that you have bouts of steatorrhea (fat in the stools) and diarrhea from laxatives. Are you often constipated and then take a laxative? That can be a VERY bad and vicious cycle to get into Will and can cause you a great deal of trouble down the road. If that IS what you're doing, you really need to talk to your doctor about that as well. There are a number of problems you COULD be dealing with that your doctor needs to rule out.
I am going to assume you talked to your doc about this pain you've been experiencing and that is one of the reasons he/she sent you for the tests. You did, I believe, say the pain had more or less subsided.........is that correct? If it hasn't, guess what I'm going to tell you to do! LOL (It's not really a laughing matter though!)

So, you're a hypochondriac,eh? Welcome to the club! It's a real pain in the arse to be saddled with that. I wasted SO many years of my life being constantly worried about one disease or another...........time I will never get back. I was much, much older than you when I dealt with that issue in therapy along with all my other issues, but it was like laying down an extremely heavy burden when I got past THAT problem. I still get the odd feeling that I've "got something," but I am now able to approach it logically and talk myself OUT of it almost as easily as I talked myself INTO it! Please don't do what I did and waste your young life............get into some therapy and deal with it now. You're too smart a kid to let this run you into the ground, which it will.
I don't think I helped you very much, Will. The problems you presented are things only your doctor can evaluate.
Have you actually been diagnosed with anxiety? I think I asked you that before, but can't seem to find the answer. (It was probably deleted!) But if you have been and you also are dealing with hypochondria, the very best advice I can give you is the therapy speech.
Are you feeling more comfortable with the masturbation issue? You said that you still "get anxious to do the woohoo." I'm sorry, but I'm not sure how to interpret that. Could you clarify that for me.
This thread is, once again, just about you.........so post away and any all "side jokes" will be sent via PM's. I do apologize to you Will if we made you feel like we no longer cared about YOU.
Please let me know as soon as you can what the results were, OK?
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The abdominal pain reached its height on sunday night. It's pretty much gone now. Oh and about the constipation, I would have bowel movements, its just they were harder to have, but trust me, I would also be scared if I hadnt crapped for a week.

About the anxiety, that was an early thing, I feel little to no anxiety now, except when I am about to masturbate, which is the same excitement youd feel when you were about to give a speech infront of the school. So as I said in a post somewhere before the flame war, anxiety really isnt an issue anymore.

Im feeling pretty much free of symptoms (Now I still am having a harder time having bowel movements).

Now about the hypochrondriosis, I usually use logic to convince/debate myself that I dont have a certain condition.

So its not all doom and gloom here, hey I seem to be the guy speaking positive here now, as opposed to early in the thread.
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Could just be a new thing for you, the first time I masturbated I literally thought I was having a heart attack or something when I got that "feeling". It was scary!
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