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Medication advice

So I have been on and off meds for anxiety. I have tried Lexapro and Celexia and while they worked good I had a sexual side effect that I hated (as well as wife). Recently tried Welbutrion and no side effect but didn't do much for my anxiety. Thought that it was at first but not so much anymore (been on it for 2 months). Been reading a lot about Buspirone and it seems like it really works well for some people and does not have the side effect that I dread. But not certain if I want to gamble on another medication with no guarantee of it working. Seeing my Dr in about 2hrs.

Any suggestions/advice? Anyway to counter act the side effect I have (very difficult to orgasm)?

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Well to update, going to start taking Buspar. Hope this works as good as I am advised.
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All anti-anxiety and anti-depressants that I know of will cause sexual side effects ie. low libido, lack of abilty to 'perform', etc.  I have taken several different ones over the years, and still take them.  I have actually chosen to tolerate the low libido in exchange for not feeling miserable all day every day.  I am also married, 17 years now, and we are happy.  We have had to make adjustments in our sex life to accomodate my low drive.  The details of this won't help you, since I am a woman.  But perhaps there are ways you, too, can make adjustments?  Maybe add some toys, porn, lotions, and oils.  The right environment helps too, for both sexes.  You want privacy of course, low lighting, some background music that is pleasing to you both, and a candle that smells like fruit (food smells are good for getting a man in the mood).  You can have intimacy without even having sex if you choose.  Think about it, and let me know how things go.  Blessings - Blu
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Thanks for the reply, if I have to go back on lexapro then all wife and I can do is limit how much we have sex because I can go a long time without having an orgasm. Wife gets frustrated and sore...so not something I really want to do. So going to give Buspar a chance and see how that works and hopefully will not have to go back on old medication and deal with side effects.
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I think you're misusing the Wellbutrin, which is why it isn't working for you.  It's a very stimulating antidepressant, but not much good for anxiety -- it often increases it because it's stimulating.  Good if depression is your primary problem, but not if anxiety is the primary problem.  However, when you're on an ssri and you have weight gain or sexual side effects, Wellbutrin is often added to the ssri to counter those side effects.  So that's an option you haven't tried.  Are you in therapy so you can learn if you can handle this eventually without medication?
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Oh, forgot to add, I hope Buspar works for you but it has failed every research study it's been used in.  It's an old drug, easy to take, that's been looking for a market forever since it hasn't proved to work.  I believe the only thing it's felt by researchers to be useful for is in augmentation of an antidepressant, so since you're on wellbutrin maybe the combination will help you.  
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Thanks for the info. Well from some research I wanted to try Welbutrion because people have said it was worked to help anxiety (depression is not an issue for me), and my Dr was ok with trying it out to see if it would work.

As for Buspar from a lot of online research many people have had it work for anxiety, as it is just an anxiety medication and not depression. I read hundreds of good reviews on it, so research may say something but I also take weight in what actual people have to say. Spoke with my Dr about it and she agreed that it was worth a shot, and she has had many people who have done well with it. She said she has found people who have been on things like Paxil and Zoloft tend not to see the effects of the Buspar. But people who have been on lexapro and celexia and other things like that tend to do well with it. So I am hopeful that this will work.

But you think that if I have to go back on lexapro that maybe try it with Welbutrion to help the sexual side effect?
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hi there saw your post, I've heard buspar works very well for anxiety!! I've known a few people that went on it and had great success :) it does "help" with anxiety but by no means will it cure it. for me lots of will power and self healing was the only toolthat could provide relief from the terrible anxiety and panic attacks!!! In the past I took paxil,  xanax, did acupuncture (also very helpful), exercised, gave up caffeine, did different diets. honestly nothing worked until I took a good long look in the mirror and believed I could "beat this" it took months to start feeling better and even thou I have my days I'm fighting through :) you can do it you just have to take a leap of faith that your body CAN and WILL heal itself!!! good luck to you and remember ours bodies are strong and will power DOES heal even the sickest :)
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I'm not a fan of taking a bunch of medications -- I'm not much of a fan of medication at all, but sometimes it's what works.  I'm more of a fan of exhausting everything else first and if it fails then there's always medication.  But I ended up on meds because I didn't find that thing that would help, unfortunately.  I would say if the wellbutrin works for you, you should obviously stay on it.  It would indicate if it does work that perhaps, as is the case with many of us even though we don't draw the connection, that your main problem is depression.  Depression does cause anxiety.  If the buspar plus wellbutrin works for you, that's a better solution that ssris because wellbutrin has fewer issues with it.  But if it doesn't work, as it isn't an anxiety med for most, and you  do feel there are no alternatives but the ssris, then it might be worth adding wellbutrin in small dose to the normal dose of Lexapro and see if it doesn't get rid of your ssri problems.  But again, only if you can't find a better solution.  Good luck.
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Thanks, but I can tell you depression is not an issue. Spoken several times about depression to Dr and therapist and I show no signs of depression at all, also remember having a anxiety when I was 7-8 yrs old.

Gave up the welbutrion and just started in Buspar. I am on day 2 but honestly I think I kind of feel a little bit of difference. I know it takes longer and maybe it was just my mind knowing that it is getting some "help", but I hope it is more then just my mind feeling that. That is is actually working. But only time will tell.

If I have to return to a ssri I will consult Dr about adding the Welbutrion. And I will be starting therapy again, this time I am going to do some CBT.

Thanks everyone for talks/support.
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Vance, I take Wellbutrin for just the reason you stated and it takes care of my OCD and resulting anxiety and depression.  Can I ask, without reading through everything here, what dose you are on?  I started at 150 mg XL but had to go up to 300 mg.  Everything is good to go now.  JGF
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Forget what does I was on, think it was 150 and wanted to try something else because my anxiety was causing major stress in the family so I needed to try something else ASAP.
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You might have been able to do well with 300 if you haven't already switched to something else.  It is the only thing I have found so far that doesn't throw my sex drive into the toilet.  Still loving your TFK icon...love the new(est) album!
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Dr talked to me about going to a higher dosage but since it is not for anxiety and more for other things I found it best to switch. I just have anxiety and not OCD or depression. I tried Welbutrion because I read it could help but I don't think it did and wanted to go to a more anxiety based medication, hence the switch.
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