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Muscle Twitching and Perceived Weakness

I am a 25 yr. old male who has been experiencing muscles twitching and perceived weakness since September 7, 2006.  Three years ago I experienced the same symptoms.  My fear was ALS back in 2003 and that is my fear now.  In Jan. 0f 2003 I had an EMG/NCV done which was fine.  I was put on paxil for a condition my doctor described as hypochondriasis.  My symptoms completed dissipated and returned in September of this year.  I was getting married and had just started grad school before the onset of symptoms.  However, I did not feel stressed.  

My fear of ALS has consumed my life.  On Nov. 9th I had another EMG done, which was totally clean.  My neurologist gave me a diagnosis of Benign Fasiculation Syndrome, just like in 2003.  I have had an MRI of my brain and Cervical Spine, numerous blood tests.  All are fine.  I am still worried about ALS even though my tests were fine.  I am taking Lexapro right now and supplementing it with Klonopin as needed.  I have been on Lexapro for about 2 months now, and I am still worrying almost all the time.  My muscles are still twitching and I do feel weak in my right arm and right leg.  I still go to the gym and run and do pushups, etc.  My GP and neurologist, who are both great individuals, both think it is anxiety related.

After almost 4 months of symptoms, I am sure if it was ALS that I would be in worse shape, but cannot seem to trust my doctors.  Is it possible that my anxiety over the disease is causing somatic symptoms?  I am thinking about changing from Lexapro to something else, because I am gaining weight and am still worrying a lot.  Do you think I should change to another SSRI?  One final question
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It is amazing what stress and anxiety can do to your body!  All your tests are fine..YOU are fine!  From what I learned from therapy is that when you are in this "mental state" you grasp on to things and you "awfulize" them until they actually appear true.  When I started my battle with anxiety and depression about 10 years ago, I was convinced I had a brain tumor, then AIDS  (I was not even sexually active!)  then Lupus, then MS.  None were true.  It was a long battle and with the help of meds I am much better now.  You don't have to feel stress to have anxiety.  It is all in your mind!  I would suggest seeing a therapist and have your medication changed or the dosage regulated.  I know right now you don't believe anything I am saying but give it a shot!  You will feel better!  Best to you!
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Also, read through some of the posts in this forum!  Many people who suffer from anxiety grasp onto illnesses to put all of the fear into.
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This fear has consumed my life, but my symptoms are real!  I swear!  I just called my neurologist, because I can't accept my EMG results, and am going to the University of Pittsburgh neurology office on the 28th to express my symptoms and fears there!

I am so scared...I don't want ALS!
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You don't have ALS....does your doctor think there is a chance or is he just sending you there to ease your mind.  Please read through the posts...look at all the symptoms that anxiety can cause!  It is your mind that is focusing on it and making it real!  I think it is good that you are going to get checked again for your own peace of mind.  But after that, if this fear persists, please see someone and ajust your meds!  It is a shame that you have to live with this terrible fear.  I will pray for your peace of mind.  I know how hard it can be!
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My EMG report and exam were unremarkable.  I called him because I was worrying and he gave me the number of another neurologist for peace of mind.

I hate this!  I just want this to be over.
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Do you live near Pittsburgh?  I live 30 miles south of Pitts. I am going to a well known neurologist named Dr. Susan Basser, she doctors out of Allegheny General.  You might want to try her.  I doubt that you have ALS, my neighbor had this, he only lasted 3 years after disgnosed.  Its a fast developing disease.  I know its hard to tell someone else when they feel like you do, because I am going through the MS scare myself.  Good Luck!!!
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