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My Weed/Alcohol Experience

I don’t know what has happened to me. So basically, prior to 6 months ago I would be a binge drinker and smoke weed every now and then but nothing to the point where it had negatively impacted me. I am 20 years old, so I guess I’m just really living it up but avoiding any hard serious drugs of course.

6 Months ago, I had spent a day out at a University Campus which had consisted me of drinking throughout the day till night and smoking lot’s of weed here and there. It was a lot, but I’ve had more worse nights. I got home pretty late, around 6am the next day and had popped a melatonin pill and went to sleep. I woke up around 12ish and than went to go help my friend out with some work. Later that night it was my friend’s birthday so I drove out to his place and had drank a little more again but not too much, but I got buzzed pretty quickly. I sobered up soon enough and drove back home and went to sleep around 2am. Woke up around 10am and continued on with my day, taking it easy with what I eat and drink lots of water throughout the day. Out of no where, I started to feel dizzy/blurry vision, but not dizzy to the point where I was falling over the place. I just assumed I was still a little hungover and took it easy, went to sleep. I woke up the next day and I was overwhelmed with the dizziness again. I just assumed it was just a bad long hangover, and it’d pass by tomorrow. Went to sleep, woke up the next day, it’s still there. My entire vision felt impaired, I felt numb and dizzy non stop. I decided to go to the ER, let him know what had happened, and he said it’s nothing too serious and it should go away soon. If it doesn’t go away in a couple of weeks come back. I went back home, than for the rest of the week it consisted of me feeling this way non stop. It got to the point, where I started overthinking it and thinking that I had permanently ruined my brain and that I was going to be stuck like this forever. My blood pressure would rise at certain points and I would begin crying. I assumed I was having a panic attack. Furthermore, in about 1-2 weeks off feeling this way, it began to fade away. However up until now I would still begin to feel a little dizzy for a bit but it would eventually come back to normal (it would stay for about 15-20 minutes), it would usually happen whenever I come from a dark area to a bright area, for example when I’m driving back home at night and come inside to bright lights, the dizziness seems to reappear.

It has been getting better over time, but hasn’t completely gone away. I have concluded that I just have anxiety attacks after speaking with my doctor. I have not smoked weed or drank since the time. I have recently been more tempted to smoke weed and start drinking again, but don’t want to relive what had previously happened to me. Is it safe for me to smoke weed? What had happened to me during that time that made me feel that way? Also, there were no other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or anything. It was mainly the dizziness and thinking I was messed up for life and getting panic attacks from that, and a loss of appetite.

I would love to get any incite on this. Thanks in advance.
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You're not going to get any answers on this from us, but you might get theories.  If you weren't feeling anxious it's not an anxiety attack.  Anxiety is manifested by irrational fearful thinking and when it becomes obsessive and chronic it's a disorder.  I have no idea why you're checking your blood pressure unless you've been told to do so for a heart problem -- it rises and falls on a regular basis naturally.  So, are you experiencing anxiety that's so bad it's giving you anxiety attacks?  If you're just concerned about being dizzy, well, that's a hard one -- dizziness is a very common symptom experienced by anxiety sufferers, but they first have to be anxious people.  First comes the anxiety, then if it sticks around comes the physiological consequences of it.  Many many people, many of them on this site, had their first anxiety attacks while stoned on pot.  I was one of them.  It's a common problem with it.  Most likely it's not the pot, it's a proclivity in the person that comes out because of the intense focus on things we get when we're stoned.  That's part of the fun when it's fun, but when it's not fun, it's intensely not fun.  It's probably good you've stopped, but personally, I'm thinking the problem for you was a minor case of alcohol abuse.  That's the far more dangerous drug here, as it's really bad for the liver.  You're focusing on the brain, but you have a lot of other parts of your body.  You might have overdone it so much, and this is an individual thing and it will differ with time -- the fact you have melatonin hanging around suggests you're having trouble sleeping.  Given the propensity of pot to help people sleep, this sounds more like either a latent anxiety problem you had lurking if in fact you often think anxious thoughts -- you haven't said -- or a problem of alcohol abuse, and when I say abuse, I just mean it was too much for you.  Someone else might have been unaffected.  You have to be concerned with how you react, not with how someone else reacts.  You got really stoned and drunk while you were really tired.  Alcohol use does affect sleep adversely, unlike pot.  I'm guessing you drink too much, and you can't do that anymore.  Not a judgment morally, just what your body seems to be able to handle at this point in time.  If you take better care of yourself and your problem goes away, it was probably the alcohol.  If it doesn't, it might be something you're lacking, perhaps electrolytes.  If it's anxiety, you'll know, you'll be fearful and anxious a lot of the time and might start avoiding things because of that.  How you deal with it depends on what's going on with you.  I'm not sure what you suffered was a panic attack -- just having heightened blood pressure isn't necessarily a panic attack -- most people who get them don't actually get heightened blood pressure, they just think they do.  I never have.  But they're pretty severe when they happen, so without more info on what exactly you were experiencing, what you've said so far indicates concern and fear because you were feeling disoriented from the dizziness, which would happen to anyone who felt dizzy whether it's from surfing and getting tossed around or from an anxiety attack.  It's no fun to be dizzy.  But anxiety attacks are intense.  More info will help you get better theories here, but again, dizziness has so many causes it's really hard to know but I'm guessing too much alcohol, too little sleep.
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