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Neck/ Shoulder pain and Migraines

I have had social/ general anxiety my whole life but for the last 6 months or so I have had headaches and severe migraines along with extreme neck and shoulder pain. My neck is so stiff and my shoulders ache almost constantly. A lot of days I lay on the couch and watch TV all day because I can't function. The pain makes me not want to do anything. I was wondering if these symptoms are being caused by my anxiety?
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It probably is anxiety/stress but I would at least have an xray of your neck done just to make sure you dont have a bad disk or something.  

I am having those same issues right now along with some other stuff and docs ran tons of tests but nothing so they said anxiety/stress.  

Is it on both sides all the time?  Mine is only one the right side and it even makes my arm tingle and feel heavy and painful.  It is just tight muscles pressing on nerves but it gives me bad anxiety and then my TMJ started getting bad from clenching (also from the anxiety) and now I am having issues from that too.

Also when your watching TV and stuff make sure you have good posture or it can add to the problem of the stiff painful neck and shoulders.

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Having gone through a similar situation, I would say yes, it most likely is anxiety. I agree with mom2makinlee and see your doctor just to make sure that it is not something else, but anxiety can do alot of things and one of those is HURT.

I would do the same...want to stay inside and watch tv and sleep because when I slept I didn't have to think about it. I went from being a very social busy person to someone who never wanted to see anyone. Thankfully I was able to work through it, but it does take time and alot of support from family and friends. Sometimes you just want to scream and wonder why you can't be normal again.

Talk to your doctor about your anxiety because there are things you can do to help you get back into the normal swing of life. Alot of it will have to come from you, talking yourself out of the anxiety and knowing that it doesn't have to control you and sometimes making yourself go do things just to show that you can do them and nothing bad will happen.

I hope that helps!
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