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Paxil and Lexapro

Has anyone made the successful switch from Paxi to Lexapro with little or no side effects?  My doctor has decided to switch me from Paxil CR 25mg. to Lexapro.  I was on the Paxil 12.5 CR for about a month and a half and was having my heart beat pretty fast.  He thought that my fast heartbeat might still be my anxiety, so he asked if I would be willing to go up to 25mg CR which I have been on for the past 12 days.  My heart has continued to beat fast so he has ordered an EKG and blood work just to make sure everything is okay and also would like me to try Lexapro.  He wants me to cut the 10mg down to 5 and then the 5 down to 2.5 to start and work my way up from there if I tolerate it well.  I am terrified that I am going to have w/drawl symptoms from going off my Paxil but he told me that since I'm not completely going off medication he thinks I will handle it well.  I have had a really hard time just initiating the Paxil back into my system (lots of side effects), so I'm very nervous about switching.  Part of me just wants to keep sticking it out on the Paxil but then I think maybe if I just give the Lexapro a try I will like it better.  Your responses would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!
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I was on paxil 20 mg for 7 years, and i have been on lexapro 10mg now for months.  I love lexapro!  No side affects!  Paxil was awfull for me to get off of, it took me 5 months to wean off of it.  And you do not gain weight from Lexapro.  My best friends wife is a psycologist, and she told me that lexapro is a "neutral" , while some others do have a weight gain effect.  The only thing i can say about people gaining weight is they feel better on the medication (relief of anxiety), therfore they tend to eat more.  You just need to watch your eating habits, if you are at all concerned about weight.  Hope this helps:)
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I had very bad nausea and diarehea , sore throat,follicitus,night sweats occasionally and the odd rash. My experience is getting better, the physical side effects are waning somewhat after 8 weeks, but the last 8 weeks were tough.
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I am on my 3rd week of switching from Paxil to Lexapro and week one was bad but week 2 wasn't too bad and this week has been even better.

I  was taking 30 mg of Paxil and felt terrible, mostly tremors and headaches.  

Here's my schedule:

   Week One:    AM -  5 mg Lexapro  PM - 20 mg Paxil
   Week Two:    AM - 10 mg Lexapro PM - 10 mg Paxil
   Week Three:  AM - 10 mg Lexapro PM - 5 mg Paxil
   Week Four:    AM - 10 mg Lexapro PM - 0 mg Paxil

After that if  I need to increase the Lexapro I can.

So far I feel better on the Lexapro, I can actually breathe.
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My doctor told me that I could switch straight from the Paxil to the Lexapro w/o weaning off the Paxil.  Do you think that sounds right?  
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I love Lexapro!  It has helped me so much with my social anxities and it has also helped with my PMS symptoms and crying spells.  I feel like I have a grasp on things now.  I take 20 mg everyday.  I haven't had many side effects.  The first 2 weeks I would wake up 10 times a night.  But now that doesn't happen anymore.  Good luck to all of you!
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I have the same question as qwert 1977, my doc says to switch from paxil cr to lexapro just like that, no weaning off of paxil,  I am ready for a nausea ride!  Any feedback??
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