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Positive Self Talk

I find it very hard sometimes in the midst of anxiety or panic to positive self talk. What things do you all say to yourself to help calm yourself?
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Good question Chrissy!!! I would also like to know the answer to this one because I am having a really hard time getting mind to think about other things other then these bodily sensations and my health/anxiety!!
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All I can think of is Doom, and the what if's...So I would like to know to! It is VERY stressful.  :-(
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I could really use some right now....At my desk feeling like Im going to pass out. Totally have the shakes inside. Trying my best to stay calm saying, ive gotten through this situation many times and i can get through it again....but I dont fully hear it lol  Still a bit panicky.Dont want to take more xanax so that I am a zombie either.
Mindy-Health anxiety eats at me too.
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It happened to me a lot while i am at work,office,lightheadness and feeling of going to pass out really can scared u out.The thing i do this days if i experienced this,is try to stay calm,not really forcing myself to be 100% calm,because if u forced urself to stay calm too much,u ended up fighting against this anxiety feelings,then got tensed up,remember its those fighting and tense up things that kept those anxiety feelings and symptoms alive much longer than usual.So wat i did this days,i just tell myself okay i am going to faint,let it be..because its been so many times..the feeling of lightheadness and NEVER once fainted,thanks god for that,i just got so fedup with this feelings,so i just accept it as it comes,float throught it and let more time for it to pass.
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I try to deep breath and when possible (when at home) I listen to some relaxation tracks, it helps me. Walking and breathing also helps.
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