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Random Dry Heaves

Hi everyone, I have been experiencing random dry heaves for about 3.5 years now. They are usually random but they seem to be tied to nervousness in that whenver I get nervous I begin to dry heave. I feel this is ruining my life because I do not know how I could ever get a girlfriend or complete school with this going on. Sucking on hard candy usually lessens them when they do happen but they will come right back. Does anyone have any suggestions or heard of this before? I would greatly appreciate this.
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I too have this problem. . . a few time a day, daily.  Would love to know the answer.
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Ya I agree.....have you found any methods to cope with this or have you tried any medication?
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I had this same problem when right before I was first diagnosed with acute anxiety. My doctor told me it was due to a nervous reaction in the body caused by lack of saliva and the involuntary spasms thereafter of the throat and stomach muscles. The body has a natural reaction when anxious to "throw up" yep sometime this just results in dry heaves. They are basically... mini-panic attacks. I assume with the dry-heaving you also experience high pulse, and sometimes dizziness, and sweating. Once I was given xanax for these attacks that stopped and once I started lexapro I no longer experienced the attacks barely ever... I hope this helps.
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Ok I really appreciate this. I will look into the things you mentioned. Thanks again.
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Oh and another question real quick.....did you just go to a regular doctor for this? I did not know if you had to go to a special doctor or something. Thanks.
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Drug-free options:  

Sea bands.  They are bands that you wear around your wrists and are supposed to help with motion sickness & nausea.  It also helps with calming the gag reflex.

Diaphragmatic breathing:  Put your hand right below your belly and take deep full breaths (you should feel your stomach expand with every breath you take).  This should calm you down and prevent you from dry heaving.

Yoga:  There are so many benefits to yoga such as relaxation, body cleansing, calorie burning, etc.  Yoga allows you to stay focused by connecting your breath with movement therefore clearing your mind.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT):  There are many self help books on how to deal with anxiety or talking to a therapist may help.  You may need to do a little soul searching to find out what's really bothering you and how you can address it.  The first question you should probably ask yourself is why are you thinking or feeling this way?  What steps can you start taking to addressing the responses to these questions?

Another option would be to divert your attention to living in the moment or envisioning what you want for the future (not what you don't want).  Making a gratitude list and focus on all of the good things in your life instead of the negative things in life.  Affirmations work wonders as well.  Get up in the morning, look in the mirror and give yourself pep talks.  Your affirmations or statements should be positive and in the present.  For example, I am calm.  Even if you aren't at the moment, you are training your mind and body to do so.  You'll be surprised how thinking positively will change your life.

Drug Options:

For temporary relief a low dose of Xanax may help.  However I would recommend one of the drug-free options above so that you don't feel that you have to be dependent on a pill.

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i have this problem when i have a girlfriend or one like it i should say i can not eat all day and when i wake up puke till i dry heave i have started taking acid reducing meds it help out a little but it rips my relationships apart at one point it was so bad i lost over 30 pounds in one month i wish this would just go away so i can focus on being happy for once
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taking a cough drop usually stops it
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