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Relapse of Anxiety Disorder


I have been diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder in 2006. Back then, I was in a very stressful sales role and managing a really bad relationship where a third party was involved. I thought I was able to manage it very well by ending the relationship then. One night, I was trying to relax and had a mask on my face. I fell asleep but suddenly woke up feeling extremely breathless and I thought I was going to due from a heart attack! My mum try to calm me down and rub some medicated oil on my forehead as I was also feeling faint. I calmed down a bit and laid in bed until she took me to the clinic the next day. The doctor insisted I was under tremendous stress and ask me to take 2 days off from work and do something enjoyable. Obviously, I cannot but laid in bed for 2 days. Things started to change since my first attack. I've constantly felt worried being alone, have giddy spells and weakness. Finally, the clinic gave me a referral letter to see a psychologist. How could i even have my first panic attack while having a mask theraphy at home! i couldnt believe it. The doctor however told me that panic attaks can happen anytime and is like a volcano that erupts when all the unhappy things are stuffed right beneath us.I've finally quit my job as well to take a break. The first 2 months was horrible. Although I was not physically sick, I behaved like one and refused to step out of the house. After being on medication for close to a year and seeing a TCM at the same times, things got better with support from family after a few months. Within the past 6 years, I do get mild attacks but manageable to calm myself down. After all, I think it is self-inflicted as I'm generally a panicky person after the episodes. I was active and healthy for the past few years. Recently, I have costochodrotis and suffer post effects of stomach flu and have been sickly. I was even sent to a cardiologist but all tests return normal. My mind kept telling me something is wrong and I'm dying and anxiety attack seems to come back. Almost for the past few days, I encountered breathless spells and racing heart beats! : ( I'm worried that its all coming back . I had a terrible one year to overcome everything back to normal and I really hope I don't have all this repeating back again. Please help! I don't know why this is happening again to me.... I am also going for a holiday with my colleagues in a week time. I'm contemplating if I should back out.... Questions kept racing at the back of my head if I'm going to have an attack there.., it will be a total embarrassment.
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Panic attacks can happen at any time. I remember having my first one very well. I was relaxing reading a book.
I'm wondering if going on the holiday may be stressing you out? Have you been worried about going?
I would recommend seeing your therapist again.
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Imagine yourself lying on your death bed many years from now. You're thinking of your life and what you wished you would have done. Would you rather remember you cowering in your house or going on vacation?
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I have been where you are and for me after 8 years mine came back. I had to adjust my meds and get back into therapy but now, I am finally feeling back to me. I still have troubles but nothing I can push through.

You are fine, you have to remember that, you have been through this before, you know whats going on and pulled through fine. You will do it again but do not let this anxiety win.
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Thanks @dolphin8808! I'm trying hard to overcome and
has been constantly reminding myself that I'll be fine just
like last time.
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Hi @Dave2436, thank you so much for your encouragement.
I was still contemplating if I should be going for my holidays the night before I flew. On the morning before I board, I felt extremely depressed and even cried on the plane because I have no appetite to eat. Although I was constantly worrying about things when I was in Bangkok as I was really insecure and have racing thoughts. Things didn't look good when I have diarrheao on the third day and I felt really bad when my friends have to change plans because of me. Having said that, I kept telling myself  I did great by taking this move and is a great step!
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Hi @remar,

Thanks for your comment! I've visited the GP and he said that my stomach is fine. He said I could be under stress and anxiety can hinge on my existing situation of feeling sickly. He asked me to monitor for a week and if this sad feeling affects my ability to work, I should be referred to a therapist. While I can still go to work but I feel sad when I get home. If I have to wait till I can't work or control my mind anymore before i get referred to a therapist, isn't that very serious case?
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Hi All who is reading this thread,

Since March, I have made some changes to my life. I'm seeing a psychiatrist who asked me to start taking "Fluoxetine". However, I did not take this medicine as I saw the many possible side effects and was worried if I should start taking it. The Psychiatrist has referred me to attend psychotheraphy session. So far, I have attended 3 session and I'm unsure if there are any results as yet. I have requested for no-pay leave for 2 months starting July and  hoping this will make my visits to the doctors at ease while I focus on getting back on track.

I'm unsure if the reason was because I did not take the Fluoxetine, I feel that my anxiety is not getting better and I saw more frequent Panic attacks happening. I have more symptoms than before and they are freaking me out. I have this pain that lingers around my chest, more on my left side and I kept thinking this is to do with my heart! However, I was already referred to a Cardiologist in end Jan and they have did a thorough test to confirm that the walls, ECG and my arteries are normal.  For strange reasons, I'm thinking if I have any respiratory issues as I've been feeling this pressure pressing on my chest area and choking me.

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Certainly, the decision to take a medication to help treat anxiety and panic is a personal one.  You have to decide if it's something you are willing to try or not.  I don't know how debilitating your symptoms are, but if they're bad, I would think it's reasonable to try a med to help get the symptoms under control, while you work in therapy.  How often do you go to therapy?  You may need more frequent sessions.  You've only had a few appts, so yes, it's premature to judge how the therapy will help.

I would recommend trying the medication, and seeing if it will help, while you do the therapy as well.  You've been struggling with this "relapse" for a while now.

Best of luck...keep us updated.
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are you currently taking any meds?
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I was given fluoxetine but I have not started taking it for fear of the bad side effects. While I'm already battling with the existing symptoms, with giddy spells these two days already and a few panic attacks. I'm unsure to start or not although I know it might be good to kick start the med since it is pretty obvious that I prob won't reduce my symptoms without med. : (
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