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Severe Anxiety Disorder/ Panic Disorder

Hello everyone,

I am Nico, I am a 25 year old male who has been struggling with Anxiety and Panic attacks since I was 16/17 (9 Years Now). I experience daily symptoms that greatly impair my ability to function and my quality of life. Here are some of my symptoms

*Panic Attacks ( Full Blown)
*Body Tremors
*Heart Palpitations (PVC's)
*High Blood Pressure
*Dizzy(non rotation) literally all day
* Easily Overstimulated (Sensory Overload)
*Sleeping Problems
*Sleep Apnea
*Weight Gain
*Fear of Dying
*Fear of Being Alone
*Off Balance
*Numbness or tingling on scalp
*Adrenaline Rushes

I take Clonazepam (Klonopin) .75 MG for about 2 years now and it helped out a little but now it seems I'm starting to get tolerance withdrawals and experiencing withdrawal or rebound effects........

What are some suggestions for coping with constant fear of Dying from the moment I wake till Im sleeping??
I see a Psychologist weekly for CBT therapy as well as some EMDR work..... I can't relax, like ever no matter how hard I try, its like my SNS (Sympathetic Nervous System) is running the show for my body and I can't activate my Parasympathetic System :/  

I am being tested to see if it is my Adrenal Glands or Thyroids causing the chronic extreme fear and adrenaline levels...

I have been wondering if maybe I have Cushing's Syndrome, as I have gained about 65lbs in the last year and a half, have purple stretch marks all over my stomach, always anxious, and tired and weak all the time, idk

Thanks For Reading

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I have had my TSH thyroid levels tested recently and they were within normal ranges. I have just recently done a catecholamine serum and cortisol test ordered by an Endocrinologist to check the Adrenal Glands. I see an ENT and Otonologist tomorrow for inner ear and middle ear testing to see if it could be secondary meneires disease (from head trauma) or untreated perilymph fistulas in the ears (from head trauma).... I am also going to have them look at my throat, uvula, and tonsils, as my mouth as significantly small for my age and gender and feels like swallowing and breathing is some what impaired.... Id like to get my tonsils removed, but than I'm scared to die of a simple surgery by going under, since I have a low bradycardia at rest in the high 40s low 50s and when I'm asleep in the low 40s (like Joan Rivers).....
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If you can, try to get back into singing, songwriting playing the guitar and piano. That sounds like a great hobby to help you through all of this.  Try to change your thinking/thought habits. I can't stress how much doing something as thinking positive helped me. It took a long time but it's like I almost tricked my brain, I just started thinking positive a lot that it became a habit, and the worrying habit that I had slowly went away. Sounds kind of funny and unofficial but it helped me
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Anxiety *****! Sorry - I know it's rough.

Based on what I read on Cushing's, it certainly seems possible. It also sounds like it could be thyroid - some people wind up with symptoms of both under and overactive thyroid (fun, right?). Either way, I think your upcoming tests will be helpful.

I also wonder if something else could have been damaged in the car accident that is causing (or at least aggravating) your symptoms. Just a guess - I'm no expert by any means.

In the meantime, it will probably sound stupid, but have you tried counting? When I've had panic attacks, I sometimes just keep counting until it passes. Sometimes it also helps to just keep one part of my body (usually my hand) moving. It's a good distraction, and it at least gets me through the worst moments.

I hope your doctors provide you with relief and answers soon!
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Unfortunately no, I have other health ailments that have spiraled me into Disability... at age 25. I was a CNA and going to school for my RN. in 2009 I was in a car wreck and got a slight long lasting TBI and chronic neck pain and muscle tension... I believe in God and everytime I try to go to church I can't keep it consistent. I am so afraid of Dying and death and am feeling like everyday is literally my last but instead of living to the fullest I wallow in self pity and fear of everything. My anxiety is so bad I don't enjoy hobbies anymore , I was a singer and songwriter (Guitar and Piano), also I am a new father but I am so numb to life I don't enjoy it like I should. Hard to be there for someone when you can't even take care of yourself  ya know
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I'm sorry man. I've been in your shoes. A little different. I once dropped 30 pounds during my worse anxiety period. I always have trouble eating when I have anxiety. Have you talked to your doctor about the klonpoin? Are you on any ssri? Try to think positive. One thing that helped me oddly is thinking to myself......... Everybody has one thing in common and that is none of us are getting out of here alive. I don't want to be on my death bed and looking back on my time and have wasted my time living in fear. Religion also personally helped me, along with.postitve thinking.

Are you doing anything to keep busy? Hobbies? Work? School? Etc. keeping busy helps me a lot
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