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Sixteen and terrified of the dark. Please help.

Please help, you guys.
I am sixteen years old. I have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder about two years ago. On average, I have about 4 anxiety attacks a week, on my medication. It seems as if my anxiety is getting worse due to the fact of my fear of the dark is getting worse. I can hardy sleep because I am so afraid of the dark now. I can lay in bed, cuddling with my boyfriend and be fine. However, if he were sitting beside me in the dark, I can't handle it. I can not handle the dark. I want this fear to go away. It is so embarrassing, so tiring, and just plain on my nerves.

I'm ready to move past my fear!

Anyone have any help?
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hi there, i am 19 turning 20 and im scared of the dark too i also have anxiety and suffer from panic attacks i live out of town on a property and i hate walking outside when noone was out there or sleeping id keep the light on but my partner couldnt sleep then so now i play a game on my phone or put a movie on my laptop untill i fall asleep it got that bad i wasnt falling asleep till 1 or 2 in the morning then i had to get up early to my son i was a very grumpy person.. hope you find away to help your fear atleast you know your not the only one going through it... best of luck
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You are both suffering from a very common phobia. Fear of the dark goes back to the dawn of man and since that time, millions of people have fought it all there lives.
Please do not berate yourselves for this phobia or think you are silly for being afraid of the dark at your age.
Our phobias are ours to own and suffer with as long as we do nothing about them.
Since both of you have stated that your phobia is now interfering with your lives, it's time to take the bull by the horns!
I strongly suggest you both look into therapy. This will not only help you understand where this phobia came from, but will definitely help you overcome it.
You can both do this, ya know.
The choice is now yours.
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I'm 30 and afraid of the dark. Welcome to the club.

Fears never leave us, sadly. It sounds like bad news, but we can learn to manage them. I've been diagnosed with sever anxiety, GAD, panic, and depression. I'm not on meds. I manage it. I don't recommend this as the path for you/everyone, I'm just putting it out there to say: I know where you're at.

The thing is, I've friends who're famous musicians, and terrified of performing. They always told me, you never get over stage fright, you manage it.

I'm horribly shy, but I took acting classes and public speaking to learn to manage it. I now speak to people pretty readily, despite breaking out a back sweat every time.

Try to figure out what it is you're scared of. It isn't the dark, it's something ABOUT the dark. I'm not scared of speaking in front of people, I'm scared of looking like an idiot. But? Most often, they don't care. And they feel the same. If I calm myself and understand my fear, I can manage my fear.
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