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Taking Zoloft and Clonazepam

I suffer from severe anxiety and have a rapid heartbeat.  My dr. has prescribed zoloft 100 mg. which I take one and a half per day.  She also prescribed clonazepam.  She said to use the clonazepam only when necessary.  I have been taking both these medications for a month.  The zoloft by itself does not take care of my bad anxiety days.

My question is:  can I take the clonazepam in the mornings to settle my anxiety and then take the zoloft later in the morning?  Before, my regular routine was taking the zoloft first and my anxiety took over and always made me so nervous in the mornings I would have to take the clonazepam shortly after the zoloft.

Is there something stronger than zoloft that may help my severe anxiety better?  Thank you so much.

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I take Effexor with Clonazepam. I take 1 mg of clonazepam in the morning together with Effexor and my anxiety is stable all day long. I even went through a separation which would not be possible if i stayed on my previous meds such as celexa and paxil.

You can take Clonazepam before zoloft why not? But if zoloft doesn't work ask your doctor about effexor. Just be carefull because effexor shouldn't be mixed with other antidepressants. Do it only under your doctors supervision.
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I have taken Zoloft for 3 years.  It takes about a year for it to work to its full potential.  It is for long term anxiety, not the shorter term panic attack stuff.  I am also now starting to take clonazepam for those wonderful times... but they do not happen so often or as easily as before the zoloft. I love zoloft. I still feel like myself, but calmer and with no physical side affects.  Hope it works for you!
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