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Terrible anxiety attacks after stopping Seroquel

Hi, I hope to gain some answers here. My husband, a Veteran suffering from PTSD as well as other issues, was prescribed Seroquel last year. He hated it and after a year finally stopped it. Since stopping it he has suffered from the worst spells of confusion, anxiety attacks, insomnia, dizziness etc. He is suffering worse than before he started taking Seroquel. I am also wondering if post-Seroquel, taking mild opiates like Tramadol for his spinal fusion he had in July can also be having a negative reaction to the long term affects of taking Seroquel that he seems to be experiencing. I do not wish to focus on that as much as find out from the community any and all after effects from taking Seroquel - and secondly if taking opioids after Seroquel can also effect him.
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Did he titrate down on seroquel? My son took that medication at a low dose for about 2 months. Will say he had no issue when coming off of it. The question perhaps is if your husband is having a resurgence of mental health issues even including a brief bit of psychosis related to his ptsd? Did he begin any therapy for ptsd? My son had psychosis with his depression for a period of about 5 months. During that time, medications were being changed which I am not sure if that was part of the psychosis or if it was just the depression and ocd. But it was scary and terrible. My son didnt' like the zombie effect seroquel had on him. However, my son DOES need medication and is on another medication for his psychiatric symptoms. What does your husband's psychiatrist say about this? I would steer clear of any and all mild or not opiates outside of the short tie following surgery. If he still takes it, goal would be to get him off tramodol. It just opens a whole new can of worms and yes, all meds like this will cause issues in combination. Once seroquel has washed out of his system, no. taking an opiate isn't affected by previous usage of seroquel. But opiates cause their own changes to mental health.
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