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Tingling and weird sensations from anxiety?

Does anyone here have tingling and other weird sensory symptoms on a daily basis?  Mine has been here for 6 years, but it seems that they are getting worse.  I find it hard to believe that people can have these weird sensations from anxiety alone.  I have had a brain MRI and c-spine MRI, the only thing that showed was a bulging disk.  Anyone else have this?
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I have only been having these "anxiety" symptoms since last November.  But right after and much into March I had a tingling behind my sternum.  I also had a light tingling on the top of my head.  I don't have them much anymore, not the constant tingling like in the beginning, but they were very troubling.  

I am probably not much help but my doctors, the cardiologist and my family doctor, sent me for the tests they thought were necessary and when those came back normal told me that it was all part of anxiety.  Of course, I went on to another family doctor and two more cardiologist because I couldn't believe that I was causing this to happen to myself.  As you can imagine, normal results.

Tingling is a part of anxiety in some people (according to my doctors, the whole lot of them!!), have you seen a therapist?  I haven't but I am heading in that direction because, I too, have a hard time believing anxiety can cause these symptoms.  That is what has been great about these forums.  Other people seem to have such similar experiences, you have to almost find some relief in that.  

I wish you well---t.
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Omg really i did not know that tingling was so common with anxiety I have been almost anxiety free for 6 monthes but I still have head tingles all the time they scared me so much I have posted in the nerology section! I have had them for 1 year know. I had all the test done and they say it is nothing at all. So if you have it and i have it and we have anxiety it might be common!
Take care!
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Yeah, tingling is one of my main symptoms as well...but it's not constant. If yours is constant, then I bet it has everything to do with the buldging disk!!! Good luck!!!
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I get a sensation on my face that driving me nuts, its been there for two months. feels like my a wave in my cheek and chin.
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YES!  In fact those tingling sensations were why I had trouble accepting anxiety as a diagnosis.  Once the anxiety came under control, that all went away.
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How did you get your anxiety under control?  I've been on Prozac a few different times in the last 4 years, it doesn't help.  I only take 20 mg, do you think I could possibily need to up my dosage?  Maybe I need a "shrink".
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I also have trouble with anxiety due to PTSD. I asked my family dr. why I keep having head-aches & muscle twitches all over my faces. They occur in different spots on my face, even my lips  & it is like a little electric current that travels upward about 1 inch under my skin. I actually hear a pop sound in my ears when this occurs. I also have sore jaws from clamping down hard with my teeth when I sleep. I wear a night guard on my teeth at night to prevent grinding but my jaws stay terribly sore.
My dr. says that it is all due to stress. Which I agree because I have been going through a terrible time with something that has happened to me. But the muscle twitches are very scarey!
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Aropax can be better for anxiety than prozac.  I think it is called paxil in the US.
It should help and the tingling should go away if it is anxiety related.
I've had a "buzzing" feeling in odd places and tingling, with anxiety

Good luck.
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Hi everyone.  I have posted a comment about this before.  I thought it was something to do with my back or a pinched nerve but I still have the tingling and weird sensation on the right side of my face and head.  It is not really bad - worse sometimes more than others but it still bugs me and I wonder what it is all the time.  I just recently ready about "the dangers of cell phone use"  Radiation or something from the cell phones can cause headaches, forgetfullness  and this kind of stuff - and Brain Tumors so they say.  Do any of you use a cell phone a lot?  I use about 3000 to 5000 minutes per month for work and I always use it on my right side - coincidence????  Probably but maybe with so much cell phone use I can calculate that it may be cause for anxiety and that might be the cause for all my weird syptoms.

Anyway I have done all the tests too and they all say there is nothing wrong.  

Just hoping to figure this out.  If I do I will post it.

See ya!
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Hi everyone.  I think this is a great forum that's answered a lot of questions for me in the past.  Now I have a few :)  It started about 2 months ago as a headache.  Just sort of a dull, pressure feeling.  I also noticed my mid-back was tender.  I freaked and went to the Dr.  They evauluated and gave me some prescription ibuprofen.  I did start to feel a bit better but then about a week ago the headaches started again but with this weird feeling in my head.  Hard to explain but sort of like a tingling, burning, itchy sensation.  It comes and goes.  I wake up feeling great but it doesn't take long for it all to start.  Once and a while I get the sensation all over...arms, back of neck.  It feels like i'm wearing an itchy sweater.  I've never taken any meds for it so it wouldn't be a side-effect from anything....other than your typical day-to-day anxiety, new job stress, holiday shopping - all that good stuff.  Headaches and neck pain instantly mean Meningitis or Brain Tumor to me.  I feel like I would have more symptoms though if that were the case.  Anyways...just wondering if anyone suffers from that same sensation in their heads.  Thank you and Happy Holidays!!
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One thing to add to my post - I feel like the muscles in my shoulders/neck area are so tight they are going to snap. I've tried heat, ice and a combo of both to no avail.  My back is still slightly tender, too.  Ok, that's it.  Thank you!
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Clothes bother me tremendously.  I get weird crawling, and cold feelings in my head also, just realized that when I get these they are followed by a migraine.  I asked a question on Med-help Neurology forum, and the neuro suggested "central sensitization".  You may want to google this.  If its migraines that you are having this might be the cause.  The only way to stop these feelings he said was to take Topamax, Elavil, or Nadadol.  Sometimes I can't wear jeans or a shirt that are to tight because I tingle and itch, soon as I pull the clothing away from my skin, it stops.  Very strange indeed!!!
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I have also been having strange tingling sensations in my neck and face.  Particularly on my right side.  I thought the tightness in my face was due to the cold weather and my face being dry, despite using a moisturizer daily.  My neck and shoulders are tight as a drum, they have been for years, but the tindling and tightness is a new sensation altogether.  I am also a Diabetic with a Pituitary Microadenoma and the thought of a stroke or blocked artery terrifies me.  Even though I am only 27.  My husband and I will make a trip to the doctor hopefully this week to get it checked out.  I have been under alot of stress the past few weeks and stumbled accross this thread.  Hopefully it will not be anything serious.
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Hi all, never realised how many people suffered from this pain in the ass problem.

I've read all you symptoms and realise how horrible they are. Mine started due to alcohol, working abroad in france, very strange feeling. I fould i would become agitated while alone and began to think about my breathing which would result in me trying to control breathing, then i begun to breathe too much too often, pins and needles started in face, then into arms, and tingling everywhere, i could feel my neck tighten and dont know if anyone else gets it but my right ear just blocked up slightly, sickness feelings followed, heart palputations then i got so dizzy i would almost faint, then panick attacks turned up to make me feel special. It actually felt like i was dying (even though i havent experienced it yet)...that is how id describe it.

Ive found a few ways to try and combat these feelings but im still going to see someone to make sure that i get the best advice to solve this self afflicting problem.
The techniques ive used to try and solve this problem are:
1. When i get tight muscles in neck etc. I tense up all muscles in shoulder and neck for about 5 seconds as hard as i can then slowly relax them which relaxes me enough to try to calm down. This also works well if finding it hard to sleep, tense each individual muscle in turn from head to toe and concentrate as u relax your muslces about relaxing them as far as you can, it really puts your mind off the problem.
2. I turned to alcohol to begin with which work well when your drunk as you forget about being anxious, this was definatley the wrong thing to do as its made my anxiety much worse, instead i concentrated on breathing by taking 4 seconds for a breath in, and 4 seconds for breathing out, this really relaxes you if done properly.
3. Excersise was another good helper for me, anytime i got tingling sensation in my face id do some excersie like pressups, situps etc to put my mind off it, it worked really well, and made me fitter which is a bonus.
4. Biggest and best thing ive done is to give up smoking, i think smoking was probably one of the main causes for me, i got a tight chest and started to panic due to lack of breath. Have not had one panic attack so far been non smoker for 1month so going well, still get anxiety issues though but getting better.

Anyway these are the techniques im still using to try and solve this problem..ive just started getting this really weird dull headache that feels like pressure in my head "lovingtyler" mentioned it earlier, so i just want u to know i get it too, it started about 2 days ago, feels really weird like im really dizzy, feels like im going to fall over now and again, like being on a boat, im still not sure whether this is anxiety related but it is making me anxious, bet its all in my head but it is worrying...if anyone else is getting this sensation id also like to know. It feels really weird!!!

Cant believe i get this stupid problem, im only 23, seems like a pointless waste of time...anyway thank you for your comments they really help.

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I have tingling in the face and it comes and stays for a few days then leaves and comes back again. I'm 18 and have a eating disorder but trying to fix that. Could this be the problem. Any suggestions will help. Thanks
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I really wish I could help you both.  I have had these same feelings for 5 years now.  They are awful.  I tried Prozac for a while, it made everything extremely worse.  They keep telling me its anxiety, I don't believe it at all.  I have a follow-up with my neurologist tommorow.  She's probably going to want to do the lumbar puncture, what fun!!!!
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Thank god i've found this forum, i too experience these sensations, i get facial twitches all day and a taught, tight feeling in my check.  I also have overwhelming feelings of wanting to cry and can't beleive it when the doctor says its just stress, i really feel more like i'm going mad and worry i have cancer as your threshold can only handle so much.  No one else seems to get it and just treat you like a hypochondriac. I don't have it when i wake up so that makes me beleive its stress but i also grind and clench my jaw and wear a night guard. Its strange what the body will do, good luck everyone at least we no where not going mad.
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Wow, this entire thread nobody has mentioned massage therapy or chiropractic.  Doesn't this seem like the logical first choice?
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Been there, done that!!!  Chiros, massage therapists, physical therapist, all ready done!!!
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Damn i wasn't even sure the tingling sensation was caused by anxiety
I'm so happy you guys posted your comments on this subject, im having a tingling sensation as a type this, but its much easier knowing that its anxiety related.
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i recently just got bad anxiety i had a bad knot in the back of my neck from tension that made my head shake for a sec plus i was sleeping weird. I also had a bad tension headache from the knot in my neck i thought i had brain cancer i couldnt get it out of my head for some reason then my body would shake like im nervous couldnt sleep i would get hot flashes eyelid would shake heart would race and now i have the tingle on my head this anxiety is killing me. Now all i have is the tingle on the top of my head but wow i feel bad for people who have to deal with this on a daily basis i hope i dont get it that bad again
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can anyone reassure me im not going crazy?? Its so reassuring to read what other people are saying. I get a strange numbness in my head which lasts a few seconds then goes. It makes me feel so frightened as i am suffering from anxiety. Im also starting to get a tingling feeling on different parts of my head. Ive been told its to do with anxiety but its so scary for me. Nice to know im not the only one!
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you guys almost have the same symptoms as i do. since i was about 13 (i'm 19) now, i've dealt with this triggered prickling feeling that begins in my back and goes up the spin to my upper arms, my neck, my face, and especially the top of my head. it will last about 30 seconds to 5 minutes. the only 2 things i've found that trigger it are dry heat and excessive exercise. i ran track throughout high school and played lacrosse, and during the workouts it would sometimes come and it would incapacitate me since i would be unable to focus on anything but the prickling all over my upper body. it happens a lot less these days, but i still get it at least 2-3 times a week (as opposed to 1-2 times a day). i was just wondering if anyone has these symptoms that act in this way? ive never had it where it lasts longer than 5 minutes at a time. my mother has fibromyalgia and i think it could be related to that, but i have no other symptoms of fibro to make me believe that's the cause.
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