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Tips to Reduce Anxiety!

Hello, I honestly do not want to start using medication for my anxiety and to be honest, it is getting worse. I'm doing my best to reduce it by running and lifting weights at the gym. I find that lifting weights does not do anything but running helps a little bit. The best medication for me for my anxiety is keeping my mind busy at all times! Do you guys have any tips on reducing anxiety?
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Welcome to to the forum.
I'm the  NO MED fellow member who has battled anxiety successfully, using lifestyle changes, meditation, exercise
(weights, cardio, yoga, cycling..), optimized nutrition,
hypnosis, EFT and more.
In the process of pursuing this challenge, I got trained in Holistic Health, Energy Medicine and certified in  Hypnotherapy, Advanced EFT and I'm also a Reiki Master.
here's a few tips which may help you:
1.Exercise has short-medium and long-term positive effects.
Don't look at lifting weights for immediate effects necessary.
All forms of exercise are beneficial, when done correctly.
2. Improve your lifestyle as much as possible.
Improve your diet, reduce alcohol consumption, correct nutritional deficiencies.
3. Get into meditation.  Youtube has all kinds of meditations
to choose from. The more you do it the easier it becomes.
I can get into on a meditative state, almost instantly now after many years of practice.
Meditation slow down your brain activity and Science has proven that meditating actually restructures your brain!
4. I cannot suggest any particular supplements at this point, since I don't have enough to go by, but you would be safe
to take omega-3 and vitamin D3 -specially if you don't get
plenty of sun exposure- without any issues what-so-ever.
You can do an online search for neurotransmitter questionnaire /assessment. This will help you  identify
possible neurotransmitter imbalances.
5. Rule out food sensitivity by doing food elimination diet or
do a search for Dr Coca's Pulse Test.
Food allergies and  food sensitivity are often overlooked
as factors in anxiety.

There are a lot more tips for  anxiety management and reduction without meds, but  exploring  the above would  be a good start.

Best wishes,
Excellent post above, by TheLightSeeker; great advice.

Check out Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).  I've found that being able to recognize the onset of an anxiety attack, is so important. If you can catch it before it becomes overwhelming, that is half the battle right there. When you feel the anxiety sneaking up, recognize the anxiety for what it is, and stay calm. Start your deep breathing exercise, and remind yourself that the anxiety will pass (you will survive this). Practice makes perfect :) in other words, the more you practice self calming techniques, the better off your outcome will be.
Take it easy :)

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