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Took Klonopin last night, woke up bad anxiety

Ryan, I took 1/4 of a 0.5 Clonazepam ast night along with my half of a Flexeril,(5.0) and woke up with really big bang anxiety. So I this morning I had to go back and take a .05 Ativan and I also took half a 0.5 Clonazepam. Should I take both for a while? For how long? Or jus increase the Clonazepam and stop the Ativan. I get such pains in my back and shoulders and neck. I think it's from no Ativan. What should I do?
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Are you just getting on klonopin or trying to get off..I just got on .5 3 x a day and loving life i feel amazing..write me back i'd like to know...Gina
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Trying to taper off Ativan by going on Klonopin. I'm a mess this morning.
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I know its hard but trust me all of this hell is worth it go down to my post were i just started my weening it say today is my first day switching from xanax to klonopin..check it out it might help to see what i went through.
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Ryan, Depending upon the day, I was taking mostly .50; sometimes I could get away with .25. Sometimes, when it's really bad, I needed .75. I never took 1.0. I am taking it 2 sometimes 3 times a day. And I have been on it for about 2 years. I was maintaining really well on .25 until this summer. I'm off for the summer with a lot of unstructured time on my hands and my mind, well, is obsessing on my pain.
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I have a bottle of Klonopin that my doc gave me when he suggested I try switching from Ativan to Klonipin.  Last time I saw him, I told him that I was trying the Klonopin but wasn't getting relief.  I think he was too cautious and didn't want me to have bad anxiety, so he told me to stay on the Ativan. Then he wrote me a script for Inderal (Propanolel). I tried it Fri., through today. I really don't think it does anything. Plan C script is for Remeron. Now, last March, he gave me Remeron 30 mgs. I threw them away. I never experienced such an awful, awful drain on my entire being. Now, he wants to go backto 7.5 mgs. at night if I complain about the Ativan. he's given me Seroquel to try, Resperidol. I never took the Resperidol. He wanted me to take 100 mgs. of Seroquel. I'm 110 lbs. I took 25 mgs - took it one night, slept like I never slept before, but I couldn't take it the next day, tired, drained. I've tried all the SSRI's. They do a number on my jaw - tightnes. I think it's the serotinin. The reason I was taking Flexeril was for back and neck spasms. Maybe they are due to me trying to get off Ativan on my own? Should I go for .50 Klonipin tonight? I'm so scared. Mary
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LISTEN to Ryan PLEASE!!!!...i was on xanax for 7 YEARS!!!! which like atavan is only suppose to be taken for short term but our stupid doctors dont worn us of this....I  know right know your feeling like there is no way out and your trapped in a medication HELL..But trust me your not its my 12th day on klonopin with no xanax and i feel AMAZING!!!!..Dont take the klonopin and atavan together just stop the atavan and replace it with the klonopin just like ryan said...He was there for me the whole time i was weening it was hard im not gonna lie but worth every bit of hell.like ryan said if you dont do something now you will be in a lifetime of med hell...There will be a point were you feel like its not working and want to give up...god knows i did..But as ryan explained to me (and he was right) The klonopin takes time to reach steady state in the body...so as the xanax was decreasing i was left "vulnerable"...But that was only a few days you have to stick with it i will help you i know what your going threw...its sooooooo worth it..i feel for the first time in a long time like myself sometimes i feel so good i forget to take my night dose and i just fall asleep that would never have happened before i would count the hours till i could take my next dose of xanax now i live my life with the klonopin not for the klonopin...Good Luck..And keep posting anything you want to say even if its crazy..ive been there....and Ryan will help you to i coulnt have done it without him...Gina
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