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I have had OCD and Anxiety all my life and now depression . In the last 10 years I have been prescribed several different drugs, i.e Paxil, Zoloft, Xanax and Effexor.  The first three caused me to feel so "out of it" that I guess you could say they worked because I wasn't having OCD issues or anxiety. I had no feelings of anything. I also went from a healthy weight of 130 pounds to 215 pounds in just under 18 months. I  got off the medication and starting going to Weight Watchers and have lost all the weight, but of course the OCD and Anxiety and now depression has come back.  I went to the Doctor and told him I needed to be back on something, but I refused to take anything that would put the weight back on.  He initially put me on Effexor and I had a very bad reaction to it and had to stop after 2 days.  He then prescribed  Wellbutrin which I thought was strange because all the research I had done said it was for depression and to help one to stop smoking. I took it anyway and within 3 weeks I felt better than I had in years.  This past couple weeks I felt I was slipping backwards so I went back to the Doctor and he increased the dose to 300mg.  My question is? Has anyone else been prescribed Wellbutrin that has anxiety and or OCD?  What are your experiences?
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I have generalized anxiety disorder.  I tried Zoloft in 2002.  Like you it muted all emotions, caused me to gain weight and I did not like it.  Tried Trofinil, that didn't work either.  Last July I began taking Wellbutrin SR 150 mg 2x day.  For me it is the wonder drug.  I feel so much better and until I began to feel better  I didn't know how bad I felt.  If I am not mistaken Wellbutrin was used to treat anxiety long before it became a drug used for smoking cessation.  As with any new med give it time to reach a therapeutic level and watch your symptoms.  If you feel it isn't working do what you did before...see your dr.   Hang in there sooner or later you will hit on the med that is right for you.
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Thank for the information.  I forgot to mention that the initial dose I started with was 100mg twice a day.  The doctor did tell me the normal dose is 300mg a day so hopefully it will take me back to where I was when I first starting taking it.  I am now into my third month.  How long have you been on it.
Hi there, I read through your comments and am experiencing the same. I was taking Prozac and it worked really well on my OCD and anxiety. I gained 30 lbs from taking Prozac, and I noticed I was always so tired. My Dr switched me to Wellbutrin. I'm on 100 mg and I take two a day, plus one Prozac. I'm on my 3rd week now. I felt pretty good on the 3rd and 4th day. I noticed I'm able to wake up early in the morning and that I had more energy. I even lost 5 lbs so far. But last week I noticed my OCD was coming back. I was able to control it, but  its only my 3rd week and I really don't know if Wellbutrin will work for my OCD, depression and weight loss. I see your post is from 2008. Are you still on Wellbutrin and how has your experience been? Does it help with your OCD?
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It exacerbated my anxiety. I am trying it now along with prozac, because it negates the sexual side-effects of the SSRI
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