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What are the effects of an Ativan shot?

Hello today I went to the er because I had some food stuck in my esophagus. I have EoE (eosinophilic esophagitis) so this has happened before. But it was stuck for longer than usually and I started getting anxious. I have anxiety and Lexapro to help manage it (it works really well) by the time I get to the er I've already calmed down but the doctor came in with a shot and said it would help calm me and relieve the pressure on my throat. A couple minutes later I felt like I was gonna fall my body felt weird and hot I was dizzy and started to vomit. I went to the washroom to wash my mouth out( I also tried some water with went down easy) after a couple minutes of feeling fine they sent me home. The vomit must of clear the blockage but i just wanted to know if this was normally what the medicine does or if I had some kind of reaction to it
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Those of us who take benzos for anxiety take pills.  You get benzo shots as part of the anesthetics used to put you to sleep for surgery.  They are much stronger that way than the small dose pills we take.  If you ever read the warning about anesthesia, they can cause adverse reactions, though they are using a combination of drugs along with the benzo.  You're not likely to find this kind of reaction from a pill, in other words, but very well might from an injection.  I'm guessing the ER doc was using it as a muscle relaxant to get your esophagus to relax so the food would either go down or come out.  Whether you had a reaction to the shot or the impulse your body went through to evict the stuck food is something an anesthesiologist would know, but having had surgery twice, I can only say that this is well within the warnings you get and have to sign a waiver for to get surgery.
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