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Hi, I'm back.  For those of you that don't know me, I had a looong, hard struggle with anxiety/panic recently.  I"m doin okay.  I went on Lexapro and have sloowwwly started to feel better.  I'm not back to my normal self but hopefully will be getting there soon.  My Aunt who my family was very close with and who I loved dearly just passed away.  So my questions is what can i do to be sure that I don't fall backwards.    Death has always been a very big fear of mine and its hard when its right in my face.  I appreciate any feedback.
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I know what you mean. I lost my parents and it was hard to move through. I would say a counselor who deals with loss might be helpful right now. Also, feel what you feel...cry and get angry if you feel that way. Sometimes you might not want to deal with the feelings of loss for awhile, and that's ok too at times. My prayers are with you.
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Thank You.  I as well think its best just to see a counselor.  This stuggle for me has been so long and I hate the feeling of sliding backwards.
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