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Hello everyone!
I started taking ZOloft last tuesday, i was 151 when i went in, well i weighed my self over the weekend and i am 144 pounds.
Has anyone else experience weight loss with medications?  If so how much?  
Hope to hear from you soon!
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Well, I drink water at work, but i do notice that i dont get as hungry, and if i do eat i get full alot faster. Im not complaining i dont mind the weight being off, i was just wondering if anyone else had the same effect and how much they lost. I do notice that at night Im a little nauseus, which doesnt help me on wanting to eat. Before I was eating like crazy, but not since i started Zoloft.  How much weight have ya'll lost and if so did the weight sneak back up???
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So gald you asked. I have taken zolft for a few weeks. I have been eating mass quantities and still lost a few pounds. I stopped marijuana a few months ago and normally I gain my weight back ( I lose weight smoking weed and have quit for good). I am also unable to sleep getting a second wind around beddy time. I also have some other undesired effects; I wont go into detail, but they involve my frisky time with the wife.

I now understand it is probably the zoloft. with all these side effects I will be using Ryan's taper schedule soon. The only reason I am not doing it now is that I just started back to work after a 3 1/2 week absense.

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Yes.  I went from 127 to 123 after taking Zoloft.  Some people gain weight, some lose weight, and others dont experience a change in weight at all.  Are you getting plenty to drink?  Losing 7 Ibs over about a week is more likely water loss than fat/muscle loss.
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