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anxiety and nausea

hey everyone, my anxiety is getting worse by the day! i dont know what the hell is wrong with me. i feel like my heart is beating so fast and i have a loss of appetite lately. i try to tell my dr. about it and he seems to think its caused by something and really doesnt want to up my dosage on buspirone ( which stinkss!) or switch me to somethign esle. i try to expalin to him that maybe there is a cause for it but obviously i dont know what it is! i think i should get a new dr!..anyway i just wanted to know if its normal to be nauseaus when you have anxiety cause not only do i have anxiety but im a complete hypochondriac which is making me think other crazy things. im sure its because of my anxiety because im only nauseaus when my anxiety kicks in or when i'm having a panic attack. Well just wanted to see if anyone gets how i feel and what i could possibly take for it. xanax makes me way to calm in a way lol and makes me want to sleep which isnt good because unfortuantely i have work and school and i cant feel like that all day..and this new pill just does absolutely nothing for me..any advice?.. i heard lexapro is great for this type of anxiety but i havent tried it yet.. thanks guys! = ) xo
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Hey, I suffer from anxiety. And I think its generalized? What does that mean? lol. Mine just comes out of nowhere for no apparent reason.. then I have a HARD time coming out of it.

This 2 weeks I havnt been able to come out of it by just taking ativan (low xanax type med). It does chill me out though at night so I can sleep.

I finally had to go to the Dr. yesterday, he put me back on the lexapro.
My anxiety isnt caused from any certain type of "thing". It's not my marriage.. its not my boss.. ect. It just happens! And I'M SCARED CONSTANTLY WHEN I GO THROUGH IT~! IT *****! I know what you are going through.

See, I've been anxiety free for 4 months! I didnt think it could come back! But it did.
And it lasted for 2 weeks... still got it... but started the lexapro lastnight.. 5mg.. .he wants me to work my way up IF I NEED TOO. I took it last year and it seemed to help a month at a time...

I took 5mg for a month... got back to my old self... then had another anxiety spell... took 10mg... got back to myself... then had another spell a month later... and then decided to get off the meds and see a psychologist... the anxiety left! As summer came I was anxiety free like I said for 4 months!

My appetite isnt back yet... I still have a nervous stomach at times, Do you ever get the bad butterflies when you have your anxiety? Then start freaking yourself out more from the fear of fear? B/c you don't know why you have the anxiety....

I also get.. well I got this time.. the thought I was going CRAZY. Going off the deep end. I was very forgetful... I was pacing so much... couldnt sit still... it just sucked!!!

Ever experience any of this?
Ever think you have something terribly wrong with you?
My real dad, which I DID NOT KNOW.... b/c he killed himself while my mom was pregnant with me.... suffered from manic depression also schitzophrenia I think? My mom doesnt even know a whole lot about it... she did say when he wasnt on his lythium is when he killed himself.. and he'd talk to people in the living room late at night who werent there... he thought he was God... Crazy crazy stuff...

well... this scares me! I've had this thing in my mind.. .that I'm heading down that path!
But I have to remember, its just ANXIETY! It's not schitophrenia... its anxiety. My dr. assured me of it.. and so did my pshycologist.

Do you think we can beat this one day? I mean, I did go 4 months without having it!

Take care. I'd like to know your whole story, when yours started.

And I'd be interested if you had the pacy feeling?
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Hey there!  Good to see you HERE!!!!  I'm so glad to see that you are really starting to focus on the anxiety instead of convincing yourself you have horrible things wrong!  I know it has been a LONG road for you.  :0(

We're here for you....please feel free to share what you are comfy in sharing....and read around the forum a bit...it is chock full of such valuable information.  A lot of us also have journals...mine are mostly about panic disorder, agoraphobia, etc.  There are MANY many many people here who also suffer from "Health Anxiety/Phobias"...you are not alone.

Are you being followed by your PCP for the anxiety, or have you been seen by a psychiatrist?  If not...that honestly, IMO...is the best way to go, especially with chronic anxiety issues (which, for most of us...it is chronic).  You will be properly diagnosed, and a solid appropriate treatment plan can be decided on with you and your doctor.  "Talk" therapy is a must as well, which a psychiatrist would be able to hook you up with a therapist that best suits your needs and matches your goals.

Keep us posted and hang in there.....your symptoms sound like classic anxiety...anxiety wreaks havoc on us physically, as you already know.  ;0)

Glad you are here, hon....take care!
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heyy to all
iv had bad anxiety for a good while now, i hate it more than anything.it started 2year ago and i was put on anti depressants which i wish i was never on.i came off them just before christmas last year as i felt i did not need them,i was fine for a month or two but since feb its been awful,mostly its my breathing (also get butterflies) i feel like i have to take deep breaths and most of the time i have to yawn, its so annoying i have tried anxiety music,relaxing in the bath.NOTHING HELPS
i am also 23weeks pregnant and refuse to go back on medication,i feel happy as i have great partner and a nice house i just dont understand why io feel like this.

its good to know im not the only one:)
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I have GAD and it comes with nausea.  There have been times where I would just sit on the couch and cry because I was so sick of being sick!  So many times I just wanted to die because living with nausea is just hell!  I got my Dr. to prescribe me compazine and it takes away the nausea.  It blocks the dopamine receptor.  Takes a while for me to kick in.  About an hour and a half - sometimes 2 hours IF my anxiety is bad enough.  It doesn't sedate me at all unless I lie down and try to mellow out and just close my eyes.
I trying different benzos now for my anxiety and to help with this nausea.  But in the end,  I seem to reach for the compazine.  I don't take it every day.  In a bad week,  I might take a 10mg. pill every other day to every two days.  in a pinch you could use dramamine but it might cause too much drowsiness for you.  Bonine even sedated me too much.
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Hi!  I'm so glad I'm not the only one suffering from severe anxiety-related nausea.  It usually comes after eating a large meal, and just escalates from there.  Last night, I had the worst stomach cramps and nausea - the type where you cannot move without throwing up.  It's really not a fun thing to live with.  I completely understand how you guys feel.  I, too, find it hard to be on any kind of nausea/anxiety medications because their drowsiness side effects do not mix well with my busy lifestyle.  I never used to be like this - I just want to feel normal again!!  I definitely admit that I suffer from health-related anxiety, as well.  The entire left side of my body has had muscle pain/twitching/weakness for the past month (which I have experienced episodes of before, but not this bad) and I have been feeling really lopsided/lightheaded when walking.  It's making me extremely paranoid that I have MS.  If I could afford an MRI of my brain, I would totally do it to alleviate my fears.  Does anyone else experience this unilateral weakness, especially in the arm and leg?
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yes that happens as well.. i get really bad twitches in my legs and arms sometimes. im so glad im not alone in this.i didnt understand why i feel so nauseaus all the time but ive noticed it is only when i start thinking alot and have a panic attack so i guess it is normal. i suffer from horrible health anxiety as well as just generalized anxiety which just adds to the frustration! anxiety gives you a bunch of symptoms and with that not being enough now i think its because theres somethign wrong with me which just makes it that much worse ! i feel so much better that you all understand what im going through. im going to see a psychiatrist soon..maybe they can suggest a different type of medication. but im glad to see that im not alone and trust me you are all not alone! =)
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