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Does anxiety make you feel as if you can't breathe everyday all day? I've been seeing a therapist but still can't believe its "just anxiety because it is so constant
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Shallow breathing and that feeling of not being able to draw a deep breath goes hand-in-hand with anxiety.

That said, it is always a good idea to see a doctor and get checked for possible physical reasons for breathlessness.

I was fortunate to have several good therapists who helped me to improve my breathing.

Biofeedback was quite an awakening...and empowering.  Through breathing alone I learned I could warm cold hands..my particular task @ the time.

As the fight/flight impulses are as ancient as the human race....and were necessary to survival in the beginning....they will always be part of our brains.

So..check in with your GP to make sure you are ok physically....then work on relaxation techniques.  That is what your therapist is going to help you with.
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Thanks.. I have been checked out by several doctors as I became quite the hypochondriac since this all started. Its just hard to believe anxiety can cause this constant trouble and pain
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Also since my other symptoms have subsided the chills sweats and shakes are gone but still can't breathe
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