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burning skin sensation

Hey everybody,
I've been under severe stress over the last two and a half months (shortness of breath, chills, cold all the time, hot flushes, headaches, blured vision etc.) I'm feeling quite better right now (although anxiety and excessive worry is still present non-stop)I've been experiencing burning skin sensations for a long time now. It almost feels like I have sun burns but my skin looks perfectly normal and its predominantly in my back and my stomach. Does this sound familiar to anybody? Is this anxiety or something else. I know you guys are not fortune tellers but I'm curious to see what you think. Thanks. All best.
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Are you on medication? I had a burning feeling as a side affect of paxil.
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that definatly sounds familiar to me. i dont suffer from that so much, but it is definatly a legitamite symptom of anxiety. check out this site:


it has alot of symptoms of anxiety, and goes into detail about a few of them. dont worry about the burning skin, it's perfectly normal
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I had hot flashes and burning from Lexapro. Severe.
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hey, i've had continued burning skin on the back, shoulders and arms and recently the face, for about 2 months.  i've seen 2 doctors, a chiro, and acu.  it's seriously debilitating, difficult to carry out every day tasks, almost impossible to sleep, and hard to diagnose.  if anyone has anything, please let me know.  i think anxiety might be the cause, but will a psychiatrist be we willing and able to help?  thanks.
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I had this problem frequently and I still get them once in a while. When I have this my breath becomes hot , and I have a weird sensation on my tongue, I constantly felt thirsty and my eyes burned. When I folded the back of my ears towards front I felt heat and my eyes by evening could not stand sharp light. I consulted many doctors and health councillors, and they all pointed it down to anxiety . I was even tested for diabetics and results came out negative. I spend thousands of pounds on private consultation, spa and health clubs.

I am an investment banker and I go to bed every night by 02:00 am and wake up 07:00 am. I had this routine for years and never complained about lack of sleep, 5 hrs sleep was enough for me to carry on with the days work.

I was returning from Japan one night and landed at Heathrow at 6 pm and went straight home. For a change instead of catching up with friends and office mates I fell asleep at about 9:30 pm and woke up at 7:00 am. I felt fresh a feeling I never had for a long time, it was magical I felt strength in every part of my body. My breath was cool and I had no sensation of heat on my body . From then on when ever I slept for 8 hrs the next day I will be energetic and fresh. I can't sleep everyday for 8 hrs but I try my best to do this at least thrice a week.

Friends try your best to catch up on your sleep and don't let it accumulate. One can work more if they sleep well. I no more believe in corporate concept of sleep less and work more, if you want to be productive and efficient sleep more.

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Hi everyone, I too get hot eyes my face feels like I'm on fire and the back of my neck and my ears!
I was told it is extreme anxiety !! The symptoms can last for days!! My advice that has helped me is to used that sun cooling gel that you use if you been sunburn quiet bad .. I use banana boat aloe Vera gel! I put in the fridge and when you put it on your face ect... It feel like a relief !! It works most times and put yourself in front of a fan or take a cool shower and try and relax !! It's not easy but try to used meditation to relax or put a cold face washer on your face or back of the neck I put the face washer in the freezer and then put it on !!
Also drink plenty of cold water to keep your body hydrated and help cool your body down !
Good luck and I hope it helps...
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