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can anyone give me more information about pure O?

I have been told that I have multiple things over the years... it's really frustrating. Chronic obsessive thoughts, depression, anxiety, moodiness, etc. I had a therapist tell me I had OCD, and I thought perhaps that I was a pure obsessional. Now my psych. doesn't think I have OCD, but I know it's more complicated than depression... I'm not really sure where to look to find a doc who knows anything about pure O... it seems to be a pretty new idea in psychology. Today my doctor told me I may have Borderline Personality disorder, which is even more confusing. She says she thinks I have several of the symptoms, but I feel like I dont' really see them in myself. I know that she's the doctor and she knows more about this stuff, but in my gut it doesn't really seem accurate... but I always second guess myself thinking, "well, she's the doctor." Yes, I have feelings of low self worth, moodiness, etc., and sometimes I seem to self sabotage my relationships... but I'm not really angry or impulsive, and I haven't harmed myself physically for about 10 years. I feel like a conglomerate mess of symptoms. Can anyone relate to this? Any advice?
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i have found out not all doctors are right they try but go with your gut instincs and go to another dr i know this isnt much help but i wish you lots of luck      keep us posted we do care      jo
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I too have OCD/pure O whatever you wanna call it. its all OCD.  they are all similar disorders so don't worry about 'wrong diagnosis' there is never really a right one IMO!!! they are all labels with the intention to help.

i have purely obsessional thoughts that cause axiety.  if this is the case you have OCD.  it is all in the head - weva your compulsion is in the mind (an attempt to rid anxiety) or physical (also an attempt to rid yourself of axiety)

i have been on a course on OCD and learnt that the way to break free is to allow the anxiety and do not engage the thought however strong the urdge to do so!!!

please get back to me if this is of help, i too am finding the will power to overcome horrific pure O!!! the answer is simple but tough- not engaging the thoughts seems so difficult at first, but trust me its possible! its all habit.
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