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i hope i spelt it correctly.hi well i suppose u all know me by now and my history of anxiety and panic.well through no fault of my own ive allowed myself to suffer now over 2 yrs and now im feeling myself gettn into a deep depression.im always moody,shouting at my kids.no energy at days,feel no light at the end of the tunnel,and im sick of worrying,im tired of feeling sick if u know wat i meanAs u all know reason im prolonging my agony mentally and physically is that i have a tremendous fear of meds,scared il die or take a reaction or my personality will go.well i seen my mental health team 2 weeks ago and im confused as to waht to do.SORRY IF IM GOING ON BUT HERE IT GOES,THEY PRESCRIBED ME EFFEXOR xl 75mg 2 a day then  so to me that is sooooooooo much chemicals,well reason im confused now is because last year the mental health team doc prescribed me citlopram 10 mg 1 a day, as u know there still in my cuppard.god will someone give me thier own personal experiences on the citlopram please as im considering taking these ones,i know i cant continue another yr like how i am now.i dont want to take the effexor as ive heard they make u numb and i cant b that way when ive 2 young kids to look after.im sooooooo disapointed in myself cause i took citlopram last yr for 7 days and stopped cause of the drowsiness and just thinking i could have been well now.
please could anyone help me a little as im going thru hell now and i dont have no support from family anymore im sooo isolated now.will i go see my gp again and ask for citlopram as they seem to be good success stories with them.

thanku all sooo much in advance and happy new yr to u all
x  cathy
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i took citalopram 10 mg for a month and never felt any sideffects except being hyper and happy(so they work)ive just been bumped up to 20 mg a week ago and still dont have side effects.so im not sure if it doesnt agree with you or something else played a role in your effects.my doc said he used it when he had anxiety and said they work really well.so good luck

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Ive had panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder for a few years now. I am only 19 now, but i went without any meds up untill earlier this year when i was having 2-4 panic attacks a day and was very emotionally unstable. I was very depressed. So i finally went to the doctor about meds.
I was on citalopram 10mg for a month, they didnt do anything for me.. no side effects, nor helped with anything. so the next month they bumped me up to 20mg. i still didnt have really any side effects.. they started helping. They were going to bump me to 40 mg, but i ran out of the 20's and never went back to the doctor till this month (3 months later) and they started me back up on 20mg's. so i am currently taking them. they do seem to be doing good for me :) i think if you started on the 10mgs you most likely wouldnt see a difference untill they up your dose, but you have to start at that dose.
I also have been taking ativan 1mg along with the citalopram. the ativan prevents or stops panic attacks, that works really well :)
good luck with everything. hope you get it under control!
as of now, i am doing around 90% better than i was before the meds!
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Hi, my pcp prescribed me citalopram for depression; I started at 20mg for 2 weeks and then moved to 40mg after that.  I didn't really have any side effects that I can recall, and I think it was helping me.  But when I went for my first visit with the psychiatrist, he concluded that I had been feeling the way I was due to anxiety more than depression, and he switched me to Cymbalta.  So I don't know how much that will help you, but I can tell you this:  if the doctors are telling you to take the med, your best bet is to DO IT!!  I was very afraid of side effects before I started taking them; it was like I was actually expected the side effects rather than the true benefits of the medicine!  But now I'm glad that I went ahead and am taking them, and I think you will be too!  Best of luck!
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thankyou all for ur comments and advice, i really appreciate them.ty again.
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I was taking a Lexapro for more than 2 yrs. My insurance decided they would no longer cover it so I was switched to citlopram. I was very worried as I have had depression anxiety and am bipolor,for most of my adult life and the lexapro was working great. I have to say the citlopram is even better. No side effects,just a much happier me.
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I am on 10 mg...I had some side effects the first few weeks... REally sleepy and then trouble sleeping the first few nights.  Increase in anxiety for a few days but that subsided.

The 10 mg helps but doesn't eliminate the anxiety completely.  I have outside stressors that are real and not in my head so no drug is going to numb me from them.  When I was on 20 mg years ago I had almost zero anxiety or worry but I put ona lot weight.
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im on citloprams 60 mg they help some but make me a little sleepy
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