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depression and anxiety

My mother is a diabetic since 3 years. she is 49 years old. she is suffering from depression and anxiety. her symptoms are crying for multiple reasons, no willingness to live, doesnt find happiness anywhere and in  anything. she feels isolated from inside..she cries in front of whomsoever she meets in the entire day.
she is under a lotof medication and almost 3 physchiatrists hav been changed in the process.she has been taking a lot of medicines for

1) diabetes ( gemer2, gluconorm,telista 40, ecospirin, along with insulin lantus at 32 level injection)
2) anti depressants(sleeping pills like zapiz 0.5, tab setral- 100), and lemz OD- 100, Carbolith- SR 40, quticool100, Mirpine 30.

I m looking for a concrete solution from doctors or anyone who can help me out ..
Ankita Jain
gujarat, India
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You said she is seeing 3 different psychiatrists?  Does she have a good working relationship with them?  For me, the most important step I took in getting through my anxiety and depression was finding a good therapist.  For me, it was a psychologist that took the time to talk to me and listen to my problems.  Getting to the root cause of our depression and anxiety can open doors into confronting them in my opinion.  
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Most importantly, do the psychiatrists know she is seeing the others? This could explain the over-use of medication.  Therapy would help her a lot, medicine alone just can't do it.  She needs both right now, but getting to the root of her illness would truly benefit her.
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Hi there...

I know diabetes is a very very hard thing to have, my mother has had it for 10 years, and my sister has had it since she was 10..she is 22 now....to have to always check your sugar level and eat everything in very light portions is so hard..

Maybe do you think she is identifying w/diabetes too much? some people who have a disorder or disease then start to identify with it, and think that it is THEM, and live their lives around that and only that(my mother actually has the habit of saying, "I need to take care of MY diabetes" and gives it more significance (sometimes)) ...
Maybe she needs to see everything she IS ..a great person, loving, unique talents, unique qualities, and point out to her how with these very things she can help others and be/feel more connected at any time..and it might make her see herself in a new light to give meaning

.Does she like movies, or writing, or gardening, something that lets her know and feel all the time that the part of diabetes is not her entire life, or essentially her ..(maybe that is why she is depressed?) I'm not sure if this may help out at all...i wish her the very, very best and hope she can find happiness as I'm sure she maybe has in the past at some point..good luck and maybe see you on here again....
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