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does diet play a role in anxiety...

I have never had fruits in my whole life nor have i been fond of eating vegetables as such...I have severe anxiety problem with OCD ADHD and depression at times...that day I told a friend abt my diet and he said that I shud decrease on sugar,salt and caffeiene and shud go for vegetables and increase my magnesium intake to counter anxiety...is it true???
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My doctor told me caffeine, sugar etc... is bad for anxiety. It can make you very anxious. I take cal mag zinc and omega fish oils in a natural way to deal with anxiety and have to say that it has worked pretty good so far. I am unable to take antidepressents so natural is all that I can do. I take xanax .25 as needed, butam trying to get away from that. So unless it is really bad I wont take a xanax. Exercise is also pretty good too. Eating right I think is good because its good for our bodies. You should check with your doctor before you increase magnesium because your only suppose to take so much into your system daily. You don't want to take to much.
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Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is good for you whether you suffer from anxiety or not.  I would think that it would definitely help your overall diet and a good diet plays a huge role in anxiety and other mental conditions.  I suffer from generalized anxiety.  However, I maintain a healthy diet, which involves plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water and exercise.  I DO firmly believe that my healthy lifestyle helps me cope with my anxiety.

Best to you.
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