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just got Abilify plz tell me about it!!

I went to the doc about an hour ago and he gave me effexor and Abilify i know nothing about it could you plz tell me about it? are they any side effects? Does it help and how long does it take to start helping??
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I took Effexor for quite awhile. For depression/anxiety. I  sweated constantly, loss of appetite, and lowered my libido.  I just recently saw an ad for Abilify I was curious about that medication. Depending on how chemically imbalanced your body is the Effexor for me worked in a matter of a few days I could tell the differnce. The doctor says it would take up too 3-weeks for me to notice a change,  but I was seeing a difference as well as my family in a matter of a few days....Hope this can help.
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My doctor put me on abilify and I gained 5 pounds a week being this drug. You should really question your doctor about this. Also talk to your pharmacy rep as they they know how the chemical make up of the drug works. I do have a nursing background.
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Hi ,

Never heard of this until your post. So my curiousity led me to the abilify website. It is sometimes given as an add on medication for major depression. But it really is an anti-psychotic medicine for bipolar and schizophrenia, There are some 'big cautions' on the possible side effects of anit psychotic meds including abilify.

If I were you, I would just stick with just an AD and find one that suits you. I don't see why in the past major depressive disorders were controlled well with just one AD . If you just only have depression, I don't understand why your doctor is giving you Effexor and Abilify. Sounds too much , seek a second opinion.

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