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Took my first klonopin .50mg today at 9 am it did nothing for me im still a mess.I was on zanax .25 twice a day and .5 at night it did ok but felt like it wasnt working as good as it was and i wanted to try a longer acting anti anxiety pill instead of upping my dose so i asked my doc to switch me.Ive been on zanax everyday like this for about 2.5 months.She told me to stop the zanax last night was my last dose and start the klonopin this morn take .50 in am and .50 in pm  no big deal she says. but ive been having horrible anxiety all day tried to call her office left message for her to call me back still hasnt yet so i went ahead and took a half zanax .25mg around 4 and it has started to help.I dont know if i should go ahead and take the pm klonopin now or just go back to the zanaz cause she said klonopin doesnt have to build in your system to work it just stays in your system longer well it hasnt even gone in my system from the way i feel.what should i do?
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If you're feeling horrible anxiety, I would go back to the routine previously approved by your doctor that at least sort of worked. Once you can get in touch with her, I'd ask for a new solution. .5 mg of Klonopin isn't very much (I'm on 1 mg 3X/day plus an SSRI that's supposed to help with anxiety... riiiight). Perhaps she'll suggest a higher dose? Don't play with that on your own, though. If you're feeling really panicked, I would go back to the Xanax. Really try to get in touch with her, though. She (or someone filling in for her) should be reachable very easily. If not, you might want to think about switching docs.
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I agree about the possibility to maybe look into another doc...for a few reasons.  FIRST, Klonopin absolutely DOES have to build in your system, and for that reason, you most likely will not feel instant relief.  Also, typically, you would need to be slowly tapered off the Xanax while gradually introducing the Klonopin, to avoid a spike in anxiety, or any withdrawals.  Is this doc your PCP or a psychiatrist?  If not the latter, my suggestion is to ask for a referral to one..... who would be more knowledgeable of these meds and better equipped to more appropriately manage these kinds of drugs.  If your doc IS a p-doc, I would highly suggest at least seeking a 2nd opinion.

In the meantime, MY unofficial opinion would be to stay on the Xanax at your last Rx'ed dose until you get someone who is willing to introduce the Klonopin gradually, while gradually tapering the Xanax.  Klonopin can take a few weeks to build in your system where it would start being effective in the way you need it to be.

Best of luck.
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my pcp finally called me back and said to up the klonopin .50 to 3 times a day for now.I dont know what to do because she cut me off on the zanax and i have about 15 .50mg of zanax left.Im gonna try to find a new doc but their so strict on controlled substances where i live that i had to sighn a controlled substance aggrement at my last doc apt she said its a new law in the county i live in that i cant see another doc for controlled substances and if i do its gonna be a huge deal.She also put me on the buspar 5mg which i havent taken yet cause i didnt want to start to nem meds at once so confused..what can i do just take the zanax 3 times a daylike i did instead and tell her the klonopin isnt workin cause i tried that and she said its only been one day but yet she says its the same as zanax just lasts longer so if its the same why wouldnt it work in one day.I see a therepist but she cant prescribe drugs and shes the only one my insurance will pay foe in the area.
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I really thought knowing the results of my mri my final test i gave myself my anxiety would get better now im freaking out about this medication all i want to do is fight get in therepy and find the right med to work this just *****...
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