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I have been on anxiety meds for a while and I got off I am back on it again just dont like the side effects of it. It didnt bither me before but it is now. I was taking Klonopin1mg 3x times a.day but I decided to take it as needed and I broke the tablet in 1/2. My physician said the dosage was too high and now I am on it 2x a day .5 grams but I dont like the side effects is .5 mg lower or higher than 1 mg.????
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.5 mg is lower than 1 mg. I take .5 as needed.  I take the 1 mg. at night sometimes, it relaxes me if I'm feeling anxiety to go to sleep. It's one of the few things that actually doesn't give me side effects but everyone is different. If Klonopin gives you side effects, maybe try Xanax and see how that works for you.  Xanax starts at .25 mg.  
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have you told your doctor you did not like the side affects??
I take klonipin .5mg up to two a day as needed.. i honestly use it the most at night.
.5mg is lower than 1mg.

have you been on other anti anxiety medications? there are more out there than just klonipin. you can always feel your options out

best of luck
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Absolutely discuss these concerns with your doctor.  If you only need the medication "as needed" as a rescue drug, the shorter acting benzos (ie Ativan, Xanax) are a MUCH better option.  Klonopin requires steady, regular dosing for max effectiveness, because it builds in the plasma, unlike the shorter acting meds.

Let us know what your doc says!
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