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naturally controlling adrenalin

After reading some posts here, it seems that most of my sympoms are caused by adrenalin rushes. I was prescribed a beta blocker to relax my heart from the adrenalin but after reading the possible side effects, I have not taken it. Is there anyway to control this naturally, as I would imagine that over time this could really cause some problems.
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Ryan, sounds like you know your stuff!  One beta blocker you left out though that I've taken for years with no side effects (in lower doses) is Sectral (acebutolol).  200 mg twice a day.  I'm now at 400 morning & 200 mg night.  But it has done the best for me as far as no side effects.  I also take Klonopin when needed for PVCs- -when that adrenalin just gets too excited!

Have you ever tried or heard good results from Lexapro to prevent adrenalin rushes?  Although I'm not depressed my internal dr. thought it might raise my serotonin level & give my total body a less sensitive nervous system. - - to lower the PVCs.  What do you think
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I was prescribed a low dose of atenlol but again never took it ( worried about ide effects) The problem is that my symptoms sometimes seem to mimic hashimoto thyroid disease. One of the many doctors said that I definately have hashimotos but not to the point of needing treatment yet. Could all these different symptoms be caused by chronic anxiety. I do have good reason for anxiety ( major job stess) but I also have some OCD going on and these weird things obviously dont help. I was prescribes Lexapro and took it for three days unitl I woke up in the middle of the night with an ridiculous panic attack. That was it for that stuff. The urgent care doctor seemed pretty sure about the beta blocker, but almost too sure like almost not really thinking about it. Am I just second guessing too much. I mean the beta blocker atenolol will protect my heart from the adrenaline, but how about just trying to slow down the adrenaline, wouldnt that be better. It amazes me that anxiety could possibly do all these things.I always think the doctors are kind of blowing me off and not really checking too well. I had to practically beg the dr. for a treadmill test to double check the ekg. I am 43 years old now and probably its not a bad idea anyway. Anyhow he said ok and then told me that his was scheduled as well. What the hell is that? I'm the on with the rapid pulse and extra beats!! Anyway you guys seem really knowledgable and I know not to listen to alot of the people here, so I appreciate the info.
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The beta blocker does reduce the adrenalin.  That's its job.  Don't give up on the first one you try either.  insist they give you a low dose one!  Like I said before Sectral works real good for me, but find what works for you.  Don't be so afraid of beta blockers.  They are generally not dangerous like anti-arrythmia meds can be.  (especially in low dose).  And you really might need an "as needed " klonopin or something like that to take when you feel panic coming on.  Us that are posting have been through the ropes.  22 years for me.  
Read some books on Panic also.  Claire Weekes is a great author.  You really must be active in your own recovery.  You can do it!!
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OK, I want to run a list of symptoms by you guys and if you have the time I would really appreciate the input. I just need to know if this can be caused by chronic anxiety and OCD. Long winded, but here goes: Years ago, maybe 15 or so I went through some tough things and that started it all. I would lose weight, have hot flashes and rapid heartbeats. Go to docs they do ekg say everything ok and give me xanax. Years to come same thing, several trips to docs same results. Sometimes diff. meds like effexor, lexapro, muscle relaxants, etc. Next is chronic headache for a coupe of years, dr. blowoffs until I insist a neurologist. he gives me elavil and does some labs. Elavil helps with the sleeping and the headaches. However his office finds something in the labs and the refer me to a rheumotologist and endocrinologist. Now way more stress and they wont tell me what for and the appts. arent for two months!! Anyway, apparently I have an antibody that is called antiphospholipid and is sometimes associated with Lupus! More stress, but that doc said that he didnt feel that I had lupus. ok , but during this time I have more rapid heartbeat stuff and my face now turns red and hot from flushing sometimes!! Ok the endocrinologist is checking for thyroid problems. He says that I definately have Hashimotos hypothyroid but not to the extent of needing and treatment yet. Maybe later in life!!  Now i have a constant pressure in my chest and go to urgent care. Ekg normal but labwork show a high hemoglobin and hematocrit  reading which could cause blood clots and they say take aspirin and follow up at pirmary care dr. He sends me to hematologist that takes another 6 weeks who does a blood test that is normal. Maybe I was dehydrated or something. So now I have still the tightness in chest for about two months, flushing of face sometimes, headache once in a while, but now I feel almost trembly inside, not that can be seen only a feeling, slightly lightheaded, and really anxious or something, hard to explain. Almost like when you havent eaten in awhile and get kind of shaky. I dont know what the heck , but can all of these specialists be wrong or is it really just me and the chronic anxiety. They seem to dismiss me so easily, that I think either they really know what they are doing or just dont really care to dig to far or bound by the insurance. Please adivise you are way more helpful then my docs. By the way, I stopped with the elavil because I think that it was causing me to urinate alot and that actually may have caused the dehydration. Sometimes I still urinate alot ( isnt that a symptom of diabetes as well as the shaky feeling??
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ok thanks Ryan, I have an appt. with the Dr. this week and I am going to print your suggestions out and run it by him. I'll let you know. Thanks again.
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In your response to workhater you said "The betablocker does reduce the adrenaline". However reducing the adrenaline secretion is not the same as reducing the effect of adrenaline that is already present in the blood. I think this was what workhater meant. Is it not possible to supress the secretion of adrenaline instead of preventing its effects on cardiovascular system?  Is there any method for this?  
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hi for the last 4 weeks i have suffered from pulpitations everyday, other symptoms i have had is tingling in fingers bad head aches cant go near strong smells mke me dizzy light is really wow noise im sensitive to and my adrenilin keeps going up through the roof hot flushes some days cant get out of bed feel like i have bug diorrea, dizzy heart pounds really ill, i also get cramps in my legs i dont feel myself at all. Doctor says anxiety gave me beta blockers 10mg 3 times a day im scared to take them because of side effects, is there any other solution? i need an answer quick i have to children to look after and i feel like no energy all the time very agravated easy to.
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I stop being silly,i have taken beta blockers for over 25 years i am now 62 years old i have had no problems i believe they have helped keep me alive,i now take 400mg of celectol a day,i would be more afraid of not taking it than taking it
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haha, it's been a long time but have you checked for hypoglycemia?? pretty terrible thing, involves these same symptoms...
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Great posts and I just want to chime in...Workhater, I dont know if you are male or female or what age or if that matters but I am male, late 40s and for two years consistent internal subjective trembling and anxiety has kept me awake. I have lost weight, feeling high as a kite sometimes and enough energy to run and swim and cycle everyday. BUT I have such chronic anxiety that my heart is palpitating ALL the time and I feel like the world is about to end. I have had every test and although sometimes things look like certain diseases etc nothing is ever conclusive. It been such a fight and I see psych to help me through it. It sounds like you may have a kind of PTSD like me. What happened just prior to the onset of these symptoms? I know for me: my boyfriend was due to leave on a four month work trip and I saw my mother for the first time in a psychiatric hospital with Alzheimer’s. It started with me leaving my office one day and noticing that my heart was pounding so hard I could have been chased by a tiger. But I was standing still. Then, I didn’t sleep for six days in a row and ended up in the local ER. I still have no answers but exercise everyday, meditate when I can and try and take it easy.

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do you need a prescription for beta blockers
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I found out that Black Walnut and Red Raspberry can reduce adrenalin so i tried many time and it works well. Only thing that bother that heart stop beating fast and I can have chest pain. But it is better that damage from adrenalin. I have it from eating carbs and any heavy meals especially at bed time. It is because my insulin rising.
Alsop I have oxalate intolerance and these supplements have it too. i can`t take it much too.
It would be good to have safe drug to reduce it bc it is not always possible control it. Today i removed 4 teeth with anesthesia ( not Novocain) but my head is pounding. I had to do that bc I have mercury filling and root canal there. Too much for my pour adrenals even if i take Isocort.
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I have had this for years to  point where I quit my job. One day I found all of this anxiety and rapid heart beats and adrenaline rush is all due to stomach problems. All of this is caused by the food you eat. Forget all this junk and take care of the food you eat. Don't eat anything cooked after 6 pm. Don't eat any spicy food. Take an anti acid tablet before you go to sleep and you will never have this. Trust me I suffered for years and one day I discovered it myself. Good luck
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Hi! I was just wondering  if you could tell me what antacid you take at night and how you are doing these days? I am having this bad adrenaline rush   and severe stomach acid all day every for over a month now and it's really hard to feel this way. You mentioned you overcame this! That's amazing and any help or advice you could give would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, -Samantha
Oh ya, I'm a healthy 28 year old woman who eats pretty healthy. Not sure why this is happening. It's bad though!
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My son is fixing to be put on beta blockers. Which one are you taking? It sounds like a good one.
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I tried propanolol. It made me so weak I couldnt get up. I tried it a few times more for a day or two. I cant seem to take it. I wonder if the strong effects will wear off if i take it longer. I have to work but maybe on my days off i can take it. I read that more water and less sugar helps and also exercise to rid the body of adrenaline and caffeine. I tried raising my serotonin and that cured me for a few days but then i got serotonin syndrome and that was awful. any suggestions would help me. thanks and btw I love claire weeks. she saved my life. she was a smart doctor.
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Im not a doctor, i am 26 years old and I have had all the same issues as you except I was diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid. Try this.... Avoid Caffeine, Drink a cup of beets 1 time each month, buy a bag of brussel sprouts and steam them and eat them 4 times a week not the whole bag but roughly 8 sprouts, drink about 5 cups of water daily, get atleast 8 hours of sleep, take a hot bath every night not a shower, and walk for 30 minutes a day on a treadmill or outside. These things have helped me and they may help you too. I found that my metabolism and my body pH was off. I needed more alkaline. Read up about epinephrine and acetycholine as well. You will find what works. But it is all because of your metabolism. Figure out what your metabolism is doing and you will cure yourself by getting it back on track. Also avoid stress. Stress releases toxins which attacks you adrenalin big time. Hope this helps. You can put olive oil on the brussels sprouts to make them soft when steaming them.
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I just want to pass on information concerning the condition ''Phaeochromoytoma'' it is a relatively rare condition that refers to a growth on the adrenal gland/s that ejects adrenaline and may also release hormones, there is no warning for episodes, and seemingly nothing initiates the event, though stress can,  the condition may worsen if left untreated..
The test involves 24hr urine collection, and recently an advanced 48hr collection gives the most accurate indicators, please do your homework and get tested if you are suffering a long duration of this type of trauma, it ''needs'' to be treated surgically by a knowledgeable surgeon and anesthetist,.
Do get checked out if you are showing the symptoms.

Best Wishes,
maccy Ireland
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You sound EXACTLY like me.  I am going through everything you describe with the weakness, shaking and anxiety.  I've been to Hopkins and Mayo and so far they seem to think borderline Drug-Induced Lupus due to an Atenolol overdose that happened over a course of six years along with a very stressful life.  I can't take stress or heat and my cheeks are burning up and the heat from the burn is causing severe wrinkles under my eyes and around my mouth where I am also burning up.  This is HORRIBLE stuff and the doctors don't know how to treat it.  I also have red, hot, swollen feet and legs.  I control the swelling is controlled by wearing compression knee highs, but I have HOT feet wherever I go.  I am sure adrenalin and cortisol are a major part of the problem.  I am now on low dose Bystolic and take 200 mg of Plaquenil daily. I don't know how you can work in this condition as it is hard to go anywhere feeling this bad.
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