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I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks pretty bad for the past 4 months. It has gotten so bad that now I feel every day is deja vu.  Its gotten to the point I try to avoid any thing that might trigger the deja vu. I hardly ever leave my house. I don't eat much at all I lost alot of weight. I feel distance from my kids. I feel like things are not real like I am in a dream.  I don't have anyone to turn to for help. I feel like I am going crazy. I just need to know what's going on with me and.if anyone else have learned to live with this.  Please someone I need help.
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Is there a distress center that you can call? Is there something in particular that you are anxious about and can you provide more details? Are you on meds, do you work?
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I am on meds now. But all.of.this started before I was on them. I have been taking them for.3 weeks now. And nothing.is.getting better. I do not work because I can't.function outside my house. When I do leave I need.my husband with me or.else the panic and.anxiety gets.really bad. I am hoping that I can find someone else that has gone.through something like this and knows how to cope
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I can't figure out what is making me feel this way. Had a panic attack at a store one day and its gone down hill ever since.
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What meds are you on and who prescribed them, doc or psychiatrist?
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I am on celexa and chlorpromazine. It was a Dr. That proscribed them to me.
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3 weeks of celexa might give some relief but because it builds in the system it takes 8 weeks to get a full effect. It leaves the system too, but not as fast as it enters for the first 8 weeks, then it is in equilibrium. I took it for a year and got excellent results. You must have been on a low 10 dose for the first week then went up to 20s? If so you have really just been on it 2 weeks.
What diagnosis did the doc give you whe nprescribing chloropr - just anxiety? I am reading about chlorprom in wikipedia and it appears to be used for several issues including schizophrenia and anxiety.
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The meds seemed to be working at first but now it doesn't feel like its doing anything.  I am on 20mg of the celaxa. And the other was proscribed for sever anxiety and depression.  
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The celexa hasn't even had a chance to work yet so any relief you got was from the other, or else you got a placebo effect. I don't know anything about chloropr.
Some studies show that the placebo effect can help cure you, so it is worth while repeating over and over through the day when you feel a stress situation what I said when I started the Celexa. "I am on a powerful medication, and it can help pull me through any stressful situation as long as I work with it and maintain calmness."

Some people can't get any relief from meds, so I am not guaranteeing a cure - just giving some guidelines so you might get relief. Good luck.
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Thanks for ur input.  Ill have.to.give.that suggestion a try and see if I can trick my.self into feeling like the.meds have taken effect.  
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I wouldn't try tricking yourself. The meds are powerful, the celexa builds every day for 8 weeks and the chloro (which neither of us seems to know much about) MAY be able to give you an effect now so work with what you believe is possible instead of making believe. That way you don't get a letdown in future if a reality appears.
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Hey, quick. U need to get out of ur house stop hiding in there. ur only making ur symptoms worst by hiding inside ur house thinking ur in a safe zone. what u need to do is call a therapy.. u need to train ur mind .. i know is extremely hard to avoid ur anxiety symptoms. but u need ur life back, ur kids need you.. ur worry to much about ur anxieties and panic. that ur not giving ur kids the full attention they need. u need to do ur grocery shopping pay ur bills, take ur kids out to the park. u not realizing that if u don't get help now.. u might really go onto depression place that will be hard to get out. trust me.. You need to learn some tools to help u with ur panic attacks and anxiety. u can train. if it take for u to take some medicine. go right ahead. ur drowning lil by lil. and is time to fight back. don't let it drown you. swim back up. breathe the fresh air. trust me. ur not alone. i pass through it. until this point i sometimes get anxieties. but i learn to manage. and move on with my life. im not saying im 100% but i got my life back lil by lil it was hard.. but i feel i can breathe again. The only thing that helped me was therapy. and myself..  good luck god bless. you and please get help. do it for ur kids. and for urself.
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For me it was different, I think. I got an effect from Celexa while on 4 week vacation. Back at work I got lots of shocks but each time I repeated the mantra because I believed it and the shocks just lasted a second or so then I went back on an even keel and acted as if nothing had happened.
I was even fired at the end because a nasty person took a personal hate toward me and worked to get me fired, however I barely blinked on that firing day for more than a split second, righted myself and never looked back.
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Hello there.

Sorry to hear of your struggles, you're definitely in the right place.  You're far from alone in this battle with anxiety.

As fast as anxiety can come on and become debilitating, managing it and getting it to a more tolerable level unfortunately takes time.  You definitely need to give everything more time for sure.

Have you started any therapy?  While medications can greatly help reduce the symptoms of anxiety, and decrease the intensity and frequency of panic attacks, they aren't a "cure all", they don't "fix" anxiety.  It's not like one day you'llk wake up and the anxiety will just be gone.

Hands down, the most effective way of managing anxiety is to change the way you think and react.  That kind of progress happens in therapy.  So, if you haven't already, ask your doc for a referral to a therapist, preferably one with experience in CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy.  CBT is a very effective form of therapy for anxiety sufferers.

Also, there are a lot of things YOU can do to help yourself.  Start with the simpler, more obvious things, like eliminating any obvious triggers (like stimulants, caffeine, alcohol), exercise, dietary improvements, working on improving sleep, etc.  When you FEEL better overall physically, you will feel better emotionally/mentally as well.

There are countless self help books out there also.  Pick up one or two, and start learning what you can about the cycle of anxious thinking and ways you can stop it.  I'll post a link to our resource list.  There are some great books on that list to get you started.

Hang in there, you will feel better, you just have to give it some time, be patient and start doing the things necessary to improve your situation.  Keep us posted!
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