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why me?

i need help i get anxiety attacks and i am able to control some of them but alot of the time they are to strong and i feel like i am going to have a stroke my left arm cramps up and then i breath to fast and i call 911 and i hate it cause then when its over i feel like why does this happen to me why doesnt it stop can some one help me or just talk to me

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Hi Mike.

I used to suffer from very extreme panick attacks also. have you talked to your doctor about it? there are many meds out there that can help with them. I spent years suffering, because i was afraid to take the meds. I also worry alot about my health. So I was afraid the meds would make me sick or something, but the ones that they make now are great. lexapro works great for anxiety/depression and it is not addictive doesnt make you high or zombie like. it just makes you feel normal. A panick attack can easily be cured also by just taking a deep breath. and telling yourself that it is just a panick attack, noone has ever died from them. the numbness in your arm will pass. it always passes. I dont know how many times i thought i was having a heart attack from the heart palpultations. But the more i relaxed my body they always went away. More and more people suffer from panick attack nowadays. you are not alone. I;m glad you posted. talking about it helps too. Try and cut out caffeine, and too much sugar also.
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My son is going through exact same thing..I have some medical back ground and you likely know what I am going to say...about left arm pain...you must rule out any physical ,,have you had an ekg. and a cbc ,,and physical?  

You are an intuitive person I would advise you to learn deep breathing teqniques and visualisation they bothe are wonderful tools for dealing with anxiety..the deep breating helps physically to to send 02 to the brain..

as above poster indicates,,caffine and also I must add alchol are big no nos for anxiety.

Please speak with a psychiatist or your family dr..there are so many meds to help with this..many feel a sense of relef just being ableto carry such meds with incase an attack happens...My son is on prozac(low dose) and .25 xanax 2 per day,,,also he is starting cognative therapy Monday...good luck...
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You ask ' why me '? I could reply with ' why any of us '? It is only when we stop thinking it is only us that we start to see the bigger picture and get the help we need. By sitting there thinking ' why me ' you are letting it beat you down. Life can be cruel and hard on us some times. But by facing up to it and not thinking inwardly we take back control of our lives. Even bit by bit. At times we need a wake up call. To stop feeling sorry for ourselves. Because that gets us nowhere fast. There answers are out there. You just have to want to get them. Want your life back. Then you will fight this thing back down and start living again.
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I argree with Mr. Green,
We all need to fight this and we will and we can with the support from each and everyone of us here on medHelp. Of course with our family members that are strong enough to help us out.
We are strong individuals!!!!
Have a Bless day Mike:)
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