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zoloft thoughts

Hello !!! I Have recently started taking Zoloft for social anxiety that I cannot seem to get ride of. I am going on day 3 and was prescribed 50mg but was suggested to break that in half to equal 25mg to allow my body to get used to it before I up my dose. Which I will stay on 25mg for 3 weeks and then bump up to 50mg. From what It seems people bump up to fast and their bodys freak out. So far I have not had any side effects other then being a little sleepy. I am wondering if this drug is worth the risks. Which I assume If I have had no issues so far then... I hope I am in the clear of anything crazy.

My concerns with this drug is will it effect my muscle building ?? So far tonight I went to the gym and lifted pretty heavy and didn't notice anything strange. I have read some horror stories about guys unable to get a pump and loosing all muscle mass. I just dont want this drug to affect me physically in a bad way. I do have a underlying social anxiety issue and I know this drug can be beneficial to helping me over come this problem. So If anybody has any tips or words of motivation it would be greatly appreciated to ease my worries.
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I have been on zoloft for 14 years and never have I heard of it messing with muscle building???  

I slowly went up to 50 mgs as well, I started on 25 mgs and then after a week went to 50. I have very minimal side effects if any and the drug saved my life (I was literally in a state of panic and anxiety 24-7).

No horror stories on my end either. I have found that high anxiety people can make "side effects." What I mean is that they are sooo scared of side effects from medications that they start feeling these things before the drug has even really gotten into their systems. I think sometimes it is mind over matter.

When starting Zoloft I did have about 2 weeks where my anxiety stayed a bit spiked but every monring I looked forard to taking a pill and getting on the road to recovery.
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I have no medical answer but I can tell you years ago I was lifting taking this drug and had no problems like you describe.  You might have a few problems in the sexual department but it is not a huge problem.  It will not make you impotent that I know of but it might make you very popular with the girls because it can prolong ejaculation.  I went from being a 30 minute guy to a hour and a half guy really fast.  I was on this drug for years and after sex with me they would try to get out of bed and collapse in the floor.  Boosts your ego.  Did mine.  But seriously if this does not work you might consider a low dose benzodiazepine  but you want very low dose, they can be addictive.  And remember I am not a doctor.  I am a patient and I cannot give medical advice.  Only my experience.  If you need zoloft trust the doctors opinion.  If it does not work try another medication.  Not all drugs work for all people.  
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So, I just wanted to give an update on my progress. I am on day 7 and still do not have any negative side effects. Today I am feeling agitated and I do notice a hint of added anxiety and lack of appetite since I been on zoloft 25mg. Its hard to explain... that pit of anxiousness all over which, I am sure you all know what I am talking about. The feeling like your about to go and talk in front of people. I know this is the start up anxiety and will eventually go away. I am planning on moving up to 50mg in the next day or two depending on if my doctor prescribes me a benzo. I know I will need one because the anxiety will increase !!!! I am not worried about the anxiety increasing because, I wont let it get the best of me and I will only fight it !!. I do know that 25mg will not resolve my social anxiety and general anxiety, I am hoping that 50mg will be enough. I know I have at least 3 more weeks to rough through to notice any therapeutic effects from the medication.

Working out on the medication seems to be just fine. I do notice I get a "high feeling" and it takes me a little to come down off of this almost manic feeling. No issues with my muscle building which is def. a relief. Anyways, I will update when I increase my dose. I cant wait for this medication to take effect and give me that comfortable safe feeling hahaha
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I don't have any advice to offer, but i too just started zolfot.  I was put on 25mg, for 2 weeks, and just today she upped the dose to 50mg, she said finish the bottle and take 50mg for 5 days and then she gave me a RX for 100mg.  OH my i hope that is not to fast?  I didn't know that there are possible side effects of increasing the dose to fast.  Off to go search google!! Thanks for sharing and wish i could help ya, but i am in the same boat.
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everyone is obviously different on these medications. Yesterday I upped my dose to 50mg after just a week on 25mg. I didn't notice much of a difference except it gave me a lot of gas 0.o. I have noticed it has seemed to chill me out more so in situations like talking in front of a group of people, or when I am selling something. I think I am lucky because I have had experiences where a small dose of an antidepressant would send me into an anxiety attack 24/7. This medication has not done that. Yea, I feel that skin crawling feeling but its not something that making me freak out. So, I am guessing this medication is gonna work for me. I dont think there is a side effect of moving too fast on these medications other then if your body is sensitive or not used to the medication you will get more of that start up anxiety, and current side effects might amplify,

Keep posting updates !!! Just stay strong and positive !!!
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I just started zoloft 3days ago 50mgs it started giving me more aneixty attacks i take half of zanax it works a little but I got scared and stopped it and now I feel so sick once my half of zanax wears off I feel worse I dont nowvto start zoloft again or stay off just dont like the feeling it was giving me like my neck back burning sensation i dont know if its too much dose to fast or wat ....
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Thanks  goober!!!!  Im handling it just fine the only side effect i have is dry mouth, my anxiety was already high before the Zolft, i didn't notice it to be any worse but i am on Ativan, as soon as the Zolft really kicks in about 4 weeks or so then i will taper off the Ativan.

Lovely, I started on 25 then 50 and now 100, allot of people say they it caused the anxiety to be worse, now i felt that with Cymbalta, and i freaked out and went off of that, so far the Zolft is good for me.  I would give it another chance, try not to think about the anxiety, but for sure talk to your doc.  
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As you all have found, everyone reacts differently to medication.

A few things to keep in mind about Zoloft.  It is actually THE most commonly Rx'd AD for anxiety disorders, that's because it is effective for a lot of people, and is easy to tolerate for most.

Now, it IS normal, during the adjustment phase (first few weeks) to have an INCREASE in anxiety, to feel jittery, "keyed up" and to see a temporary increase in panic attacks.  That's because of the increase in circulating serotonin in the brain.  Almost always, that will resolve by weeks 2-3.  

I agree with starting at a low dose and tapering up to the goal dose.  That does wonoders for diminishing any side effects.  Also, it does take at LEAST 4-6 weeks before one can fairly assess Zoloft's effectiveness.  Sometimes, people need a higher dose even.  Therefore, it's best to accept that the trial and error process takes time.  It may reasonably take a few months before a judgement can be made about if a med is working or not.

I always tell people too, to exhaust ALL possibilities (including dosage increases) with ONE med before deciding to try something else.  Zoloft was the first AD I ever took for my PD and it, along with therapy, gave me my life back.  I went from being housebound, to back to a functioning member of society.

Most importantly, you will increase your success rate treating anxiety over the LONG term dramatically by including therapy in addition to any meds you're taking.  The meds work to help decrease the symptoms of anxiety, but the therapy helps you learn coping techniques...something you'll be able to use ANY time anxiety rears its ugly head.

Best of luck to you all, most of you sound as though you're right where you should be!
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Just wanted to post a update. I am going on my second week on Zoloft. first week 25 mg and second week 50 mg. I haven't noticed a major difference in my social anxiety. I am a lot less depressed and am not obsessing over things as much. Social anxiety is improved but still there. Some days I feel really depressed and some days I feel great. I am hoping this medication will work... I am thinking I need to bump up to 100 mg and maybe then that's when I will feel the ultimate relief. I remember when I took lexapro a few years ago and the third week It all of a sudden hit me and all my anxieties were gone. I am not sure if I need to wait another week before I go up to 100mg or make that transition this weekend.. I guess I will ask my doctor. I do know that I am not quit seeing the relief I want. I know these medications take time and I know we all want relief right away. One thing I am happy about is that I have had almost no side effects and almost no increased anxiety. I have not even needed xanax to help get me through my first week or my increased dose to 50 mg.  

How is everyone else doing ?
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I've heard so much about Zoloft cause some much stuff I'm not trying to scare you but try show it on commercials all the time and I will not take it.
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Good for you !!! Yes, I have also heard horror stories. That does not mean I will have them and I have not had them. I am taking the medication and that's my choice. Why come on here and just put something negative. I made this thread for people to be supportive not negative.

**** you can take ibuprofen and **** up your stomach or have a sever allergic reaction. Every medication can have some kind of negative affect.  
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I would have to agree that we all react differently to different types of meds, but as nursegirl pointed out, Zoloft has been prescribed to millions of people safely and effectively.  I actually have been on and off of it for years and it is my "SSRI of choice...." it seems to work the best for me.  I have had great success over the years with it and I give it an enormous amount of credit for helping me get back on my feet while I was going through counseling.

I also have not seen any decrease in physical performance in they gym.  I lift 2-3 times a week and run about 5 miles a day (which is also good therapy for me), and my performance is definitely dependent on how I train and eat...not Zoloft.  

I do notice some side effects whenever my dose is adjusted, however, they usually go away in a week or so and plus I expect them, so they don't tend to bother me that much anyways.  Remember, that you will probably hear horror stories from people that have had a bad experience with it, but I tend to believe that one, bad press makes better news and two, for every bad story you hear, there are so many more good stories that we tend not to hear.

Keep us posted!
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Well I'm just being honest no need to get an additude good greef. I mean if their scared to take it then don't I mean most ppl are different but I'm just not gonna take it so stop getting an additude with me Kay I'm not really in the mood..
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Has anyone noticed a difference in moving up to 100 mg from 50mg ? I still feel 50mg isnt doing a lot for me. I have noticed it has slightly helped me, but I still have the anxiety, some days its good and then bad. Some days I feel the medication makes me really depressed and I just want to lay in bed and not do anything. Its strange though.. I don't "feel" sad but I do at the same time. It just seems some days are good and some days are bad. I guess this medication has numbed me a little. If I get sad I almost get a feeling as if somebody is holding me back and I cant go any further with that feeling and I don't dwell on those feelings. Its really difficult to explain. I guess I feel like this medication has put me on a little bit of a roller coaster. I am still surprised at how well I have tolerated this medication.
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Did you ever a tight feeling in your throat? I started 50mg and I am into my 6th day and for the 5th and 6th day now I have tightness in my throat. I can breath and swallow, it's just uncomfortable. Is this hightened anxiety as a side effect??
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Hi There,

I have a question for you, I am into my 6th day on Zoloft 50mg and I am just wondering if the tightness in my throat is a side effect or an allergic reaction? I take my pill at 7am and by 11am my throat is tight and by 5pm when I am home from work it's going away. Could it be work increases my anxiety?
I find that this pill has fixed all my hot flashes, night sweats, shaky hands, heart racing and being angry and cranky all the time so I don't want to come off them, I just want to know this uncomfortable throat thing will pass.
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I have been on zoloft 25mg for about5 months. I upped it to 50mg 6 days ago and all of a sudden tonight I feel jittery, very awake. I think I might have to take an ativan to relax myself until the full benefit of the zoloft kicks in...am I correct
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