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Chronic rheumatic brain disease

I  am  looking  for  information about  " Rheumatic Fever " or  Chronic Rheumatic Brain Disease,  and type of  lesions  it may cause ? How these lesions  look like , and  if  radiologist may be able  to distinguish them from other lesions ?
What is typical presentation for Chronic Rheumatic Brain Disease ?
Thank you all very much .
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Thank you txsilver  for your time . I have googled myself  and not  much is going  on in this area . The only source of info  about  " Rheumatic Brain Disease "  I found in the book  " Multiple Sclerosis  ,  A Neuropsychiatric Disorder " , edited by Uriel Halbreich  M.D . According  to dr Halbreich and  based upon  literature and clinical experience , Rheumatic Brain Disease  has been proposed  as  distinct disease  .
Thanks again , I will keep looking .
Thanks again
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Those are excellent questions and I wish I had the answers for you.  I googled it and found many scholarly articles, but they are all over my head.  I believe you may best be served by posting your questions is the Ask a Doctor forum which can be found on the right hand side of the Forums main page.  
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