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Adults with Asperger's

Is there a sound method for diagnosing Asperger's in adults?  Is there a particular center in the USA that specializes? Is there any literature that discusses the pros and cons of being diagnosed?
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Put it into the search engine,it is only a psychologist diagnosis there has never been a medical marker for Autism or Asbergers,put in Signs of adult Aspergers, and see what comes up.
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Only a professional can diagnose you. It will help if you can get info from your parents about your early years, developmental milestones, etc... If you were behind, then chances are you'd fall into the PDD NOS category of autism, which from an adult perspective is not much different than aspergers. In fact I tend to think once past the development delays, aspergers and PDD NOS are practically the same thing.

You can also try reading things written by autistic adults/adults with autism and see if there is anything you identify with. That can help you be able to put your thoughts/experiances into words to share with a professional.
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I just checked your age... I guess the parent's thing may be a bit moot... But if you can remember any of your really early years it may help.
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I sure would like to find out how to get tested also.  

I am quite sure that I have AS.  Several of my counselors over the years have told me they thought I might have Asperger's.  Also, several of my family members who have children with AS also feel that I am an Aspi.

I think I am also.

I have found several tests online - the AQ test and also a more comprehensive one.  The results show that I have AS.  But I would still like to get a formal diagnosis.

I had no idea that I might have Asperger's until a few years ago when I started researching AS because of a family member who has it and felt that I finally have started to understand myself and my life.

So does a formal diagnosis really make any difference?  Probably not.  

But I would still like to do this.  If you find out anything, please let me know.

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A neuropsych can sometimes rule out Asperger's but nothing is a 1005 correct.  My son's neuropsych kinda ruled it out - his inferential skills were through the roof among other things - but he is very inflexible and he has severe executive dysfunction issues along with severe ADHD - so his behavior mimics Asperger's (except for his speech) so he goes to an Asperger's school; because there methods work best for him.  

Either way, they can tell you how you think and answer problems - it will tell you are weaknesses and strengths which will give the doctors a starting point.

Good luck

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i have learned over the years not to put too much faith in psychiatry, i have worked for the depatrment of mental health and i have my own experience with going to doctors for my aspergers symptoms, i have been wrongly diagnosed, i have been put on mediaction that almost killed me, i have begged the medical community to help me, and been told no.
You know yourself better than anyone!! If you feel like you meet this diagnoses you can take it to a health care professional, unfortuannaly this is a new disease and not many docs know how to treat adult asp.
to me it is more important to treat the symptoms than get a diagnoses
i finally got sick of some unwanted behavior, started talking to MJ, she had several practical solutions to my living problems, i also worked the 12 steps of emotions annonomous, this helped me more than any pill or doctor, and i have tried atleast 40 different types of medication and my parents started sending me all over the country when i was a child to see the "best" doctors money could by
unfortuantly money cannot by freedom when it comes to aspergers
i hope you can find a good doctor that will help you, but if you do not find what you are looking for in medicine, or psychiatry, do not hesitate to ask for help here!!
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If there are any specific behavirs you need help with, I may be able to help, or at least we can all work together to come up with something, lol.

Aspergers/autism, is not all bad, nor is it all good either. There are strengths and challenges.  For me one of the biggest challenges is anxiety. To me it's more a clueless feeling than true anxiety. I need to find people to point me to things and walk me through some processes that I find confusing. For instance, art shows.  I have artwork to show, but unless someone is in the know and can help me set up my stuff, provide the transportation, then I have a bit of a hallenge.  Thankfully I have some help with that right now, so it will be interesting to see what happens with the next show coming up.

Meltdowns are another challenge, but thankfully I haven't had any self injurous episodes in a while.  I still get emotional from time to time and I've found out it seems to have some biological basis. That is if I am crying and can't control it, it's useless trying to will myself to stop crying. Rather it's better to find a distraction to divert my attention.  If I can I try to keep distracted until I can think clearer on the issue. if it still brings me to cry, then it is too soon, and time to divert my attention again.

If it's on the computer you can try googling up something, like how the self locking shopping carts work or something equally puzzling.  You also get to learn something in the process.  If the upset is in a building (my DRS building has the worst accustics), and you have a meeting, see if you can talk the people into waiting in an empty office. Sometimes it works, soemtimes not. It helps if you can say you have autism. They will take you a bit more seriously if you make it your point to say it is causing you major discomfort.

I use that tactic to get people to replace flickering burnt out flurescent light bulbs.  No they don't kill me, but they are distracting, annoying and they drop my mood a few points when I'm in the room. That's enough for me...  So far I've gotten good results by speaking up.  I'm sure that other people, not just autistic people are thankful too.  I can't picture anyone truly enjoying a burnt out bulb.

Noise:  carry ear plugs if you can. They don't work too well for me (usually the sound is gone by the time I get them in), but they may for you if you can stand the discomfort. For me if it's a choice between losing my sanity or the ear plugs and discomfort, then the pugs go in. I use them when I'm vacuuming or mowing the lawn.

Traffic:  If you have to go down some streets, either walking or riding your bike, choose as many side streets as you can. They usually have less traffic, quieter, and prettier scenery. If you're biking or walking, take advantage of going routes cars can't.  I cut across parks if I can. Also if there are any creeks with cement bottoms (I know some places where I used to live), I used those to cross underneith busy streets.

Sometimes crossing heavy traffic is inevitable... I try to cross at the lights if I can and walk as quickly as possible. If I can do some of the walking inside a building, then I do it.
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That rather depends,

There are a number of diagnostic schedules and instruments out there, and it very much depends on the experience of the clinician as well.

In my case I was diagnosed as an adult on the basis of an interview and a follow, drawing on previous psychological tests and a questionairre.

Some clinicians in the UK I know will prefer corroboration from someone who has known you in Childhood, though I find that rather dubious given what we know of the agendas that some people bring into reconstructing memories of the distant past.

The famous AQ test is not an absolute indicator of a positive diagnosis, at best it can be taken on it's own only as a suggestion, however it has been experimentally validated that there is a high degree of correlation between high scores and a positive diagnosis.

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