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My son, nearly three, refuses to use utensils for eating and asks me to feed him -- so he eats with his hands and refuses anything that would require a fork or spoon.  He also likes to direct me in the making of playdoh creations, asks me to draw pictures according to his direction, etc.  Although he is capable of taking off his pants or shoes and socks when uncomfortalbe, he doesn't show any interest in dressing or undressing himself.  He is also very resistant to toilet training.  I had a second child three months ago, so I'm trying not to pressure him.  In addition to this resistance to doing things for himself, I've lately seen a major increase in whining and trantrums, putting things in his mouth, and being generally destructive -- although these things I attribute to the new sibling.  He's not in school yet, just home with me, so it's hard to gage his social development, though he is very slow to warm up to new people.  Should I be having him evaluated for Aspergers (I have a nephew with it)?  I should add that he is incredibly imaginative and verbal, tells long stories, makes believe in great detail, is affectionate and funny.  But when he started hitting himself during a tantrum tonight I became more worried. When excited (usually about a story he's making up) he runs all around and flaps his hands.  It's cute but is it normal?
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Your son sounds normal.  Many Asperger's 'symptoms' are normal behaviors.  It is when certain behaviors are all put together, that you may have a case.  He does not seem to have any sensory issues, or he wouldn't be picking up his food w/his hands.  My five year old still insists on eating certain things w/her hands that are not appropriate...such as green beans.  The whining and tantrums are age appropriate for a three year old boy.  It is ok if he flaps his hands when excited, many three year olds do.  If he has to flap several times a day for no reason, you would have a cause for concern.  Hitting himself is also common, and very tired toddlers do this.  Some bang their head on the wall....to stimulate themselves when tired or overwhelmed....again, age appropriate.  
I also have a nephew w/aspergers.  

Personally, I do not see an autistic or Asperger cues with your son.
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Look for signs of inflexibility when he plays with other children. My son's Asperger's diagnosis only came after we saw him interacting with his peer group-other children his age. Lack of eyecontact, lack of empathy, disinterest in what the other kids are doing, trying to control play with his own set of rules....you get the picture. As far as not feeding himself, DON'T LET HIM EAT ANY SNACKS BETWEEN MEALS, and leave him on his own at mealtime. He'll eventually eat when he gets hungry enough. If he doesn't eat, or exhibit any of the above behaviours he may have issues with food and not Asperger's.
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did you try a differnt utensil,,,some kids dont like the feel of the metal,just like certain clothing,,they will not were,depending on the materal,,
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