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undiagnosed aspbergers 5 year old HELP

my daughter and her two children moved in with me 5 months ago after leaving a serious domestic violence relatioship with their father. My granddaughter has many problems and developmental delay. Not toilet trained till last birthday 5th, no intelligble speech until about same time and yet she is a sponge that, if you take the time to listen to her, has much more general knowledge than otehrs her age. She understands and knows most numbers up to 100, knows every wildlife fact in australia!!! and in so many ways she seems almost advanced. But we have some troubling behaviours which are worsening. Inability to reason with her, terrible meltdowns and tantrums over ridiculous things and ridiculous demands, terrible fears of anything in a dress up costume eg dora the explorer etc even though ,oves them on TV, will physically attack me to get away from them. other bizzare fears also.  she has absolutley NO response to pain of any kind, which is a big worry.  poor gross motor so falls dialy, poor fine motor. there are numerous other things that i couldnt possibly list.  she will play with other children but definately prefers to play alone. She will find a hidy hole and stay for over an hour so we have to try and find her.  I AM SURE SHE HAS ASPBERGERS!!! I mentionned this to our GP plus a paefiatrician but it was dismissed as they said she has been exposed to so much domestic violence she is a child in trauma.  I am not convinced! as a special ed teacher I have taught many children with autism, however these were very low functionning and Chloe is quite high I believe, but due to her expressive language problems not everyone realises this.  Her language was assessed and expressive was only 3rd percentile but vocab knowledge right up at 97th!!! [;ease someone help us out here.  Her three year old brother is highly demanding, follows her everywhere, teases her and physically hits her. She cant cope with the chaos surrounding her - neither can we. We have been told his (the 3 year olds) is from domesitc violence also but he has no other orobelms, in fact developmentally way above most his age.
Does anyone out there know of any specialist who is good at diagnosing aspbergers???? we live about 3 hours from sydney in australia
this little girl needs help!!!!
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